Can you collect the Rubik’s cube with your feet?

And can you collect the Rubik's cube with your feet?Photos from open sources of

In our world, more and more talented children appear, and not just capable of learning or some other mental activity, but completely unusual in everything – their capabilities surprise and admire, making us both admire, and at the same time to think: where does all this come from?

Often these gifted girls and boys are called children. indigo, that is, the forerunners, the first swallows of the new sixth race, which replaces modern humanity.

Nine-year-old boy from China Que Jianyu is not only different amazing quick wits, huge mental abilities, but also the fantastic motor skills of the arms and legs, which made his unsurpassed master in collecting the Rubik’s Cube. Another year back, that is, at eight years old, Que was in the Guinness Book of Records, because it showed an amazing collection result this challenging jigsaw puzzle that confirms the hunch of many scientists that the boy has to all his others the third eye is also well developed.

In the video below, Que Jianyu demonstrates his new records for collecting the Rubik’s Cube. He managed to do it with one hand in just a minute and four seconds, and then completely surprised spectators and judges – put together two puzzles at the same time legs and arms.

This fragment is where a Chinese indigo child demonstrates truly fantastic abilities, filmed while conducting in China �”Talent Show in China.” On this day, many tried to surprise viewers with their extraordinary abilities, but all brighter and more convincing was the performance of the little boy – Que Jianyu.

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