Canadian captures inexplicable rings around the sun

Canada captures the inexplicable rings around the sunA photo from open sources

A resident of the Canadian island of Manitoulin, Ontario, became a few days ago a witness to a very unusual phenomena. Christina McNaughton noticed at sunset amazing concentric rings of light arising around the sun, and I hastened to photograph them.

A photo from open sources

Having posted the received pictures on Twitter, the woman wrote:

Look at this sunset! Can anyone explain me, what is this phenomenon? It doesn’t look like pargel or any other the sun halo I’ve ever seen firsthand or on pictures.

Some users of the World Wide Web considered that this there is probably a rational explanation for the phenomenon, and before us is a certain a bizarre optical phenomenon. According to other regulars virtual space, it may well be about something going beyond the ordinary, for example, if we assume that we If we live in a matrix, then this is clearly a failure in its program. However, our world so little studied and in most cases incomprehensible to rationalistic mind that talk about some kind of natural phenomenon is possible only within the framework of admissibility, what are we talking about nature also knows little …

A photo from open sources

The sun

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