Canadian military seeks a source in the north sinister sound

The Canadian military is looking for a source of ominous sound in the northA photo from open sources

Acoustics military experts in Canada take interest in nature unexplained ominous sounds coming from the bottom of the arctic the strait. Residents of the Eskimo village of Iglulik since last fall they complain to the authorities that a mysterious hum is heard from the water. Moreover, in animals on which here began to disappear traditionally hunted.

Native northern residents fear that they will be left without work and food, not to mention the fact that they are generally scared by this a mysterious phenomenon that in their opinion is nothing good promises.

Back in November, a strong hum was heard in the province of Nunavut or a jingle coming straight from the Fury and Hackle Strait, which separates Baffin Island from mainland Canada. Local official Paul Quassa reports that the cause of these sounds is up to still not clear. At the same time, the civil servant is convinced that they led to the disappearance from the territory of valuable fishing animals. The strait is a famous migration route for sea hares, ringed seal and bowhead whales, without which local hunters they simply go broke – practically they will have nothing to live on.

Hunters whose yachts cruise the bay repeatedly transmitted a radio signal to land that they could hear from under water some frightening sounds. The hunters called both the police and to officials, and scholars, until the Canadian authorities finally dispatched here its specialists from the Ministry of Defense. Military scientists already managed to talk with the local population and find out what theories regarding the causes of what is happening, the Eskimos are pushing.

What are the causes of ominous sounds?

According to one hypothesis, large mining is to blame. Coal mining company Baffinland Iron Mines. However, company representatives said their activities in no way connected with the sea. To help the investigation and relieve suspicion, Baffinland Iron Mines management even invited the military to inspect the mines belonging to the enterprise. Baffinland Iron Mines, on the other hand, has been operating for many years. years, but mysterious sounds appeared recently …

A photo from open sources

The famous environmental organization also came under suspicion. “Greenpeace”. At one time, environmentalists participated in hot disputes with the Eskimo communities, criticizing the northern people for the massive slaughter of animals. Greenpeace, as some have suggested, set to the gulf is some kind of equipment that scares animals away from here. However, the greens quickly disavowed such allegations, saying that they would never have taken such crazy measures that could harm the animal world, depriving them of their usual habitat and distribution.

There are assumptions about the release of methane from the bottom of the sea, about abnormal “singing” of whales, about secret trips to the shores of Canada Russian and American submarines and even about a flying saucer aliens, which supposedly is under water and emits from there powerful signals. Two acoustics specialists directed by people from Ottawa, intend to conduct a thorough investigation and resolve this a riddle. Moreover, the local population is more and more inclined towards mystical version of this phenomenon that threatens serious consequences for the psychological mood of people, not to mention to reduce their fishing. After all, mysterious sounds are still are heard …


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