Cancer cured urine

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Carrie Steele was diagnosed with vascular aneurysm in 2006 brain. The woman has a fear of remission of melanoma, from which she decided on alternative treatments for fatal ailment. After two years of terrible headaches and fear of dying from cancer Carrie once had a dream in which she drank her own urine like a healing elixir. Waking up, the woman decided that everything it was no accident, and the dream was prophetic. She began to study all information about urinotherapy available to her. Carrie read about amazing the results of an exclusively alternative treatment and finally I decided. “I figured all the pros and cons, and the pros turned out disproportionately more. Yes, in the end, you just had to to overcome disgust and disgust, that’s all, ”says female. And she overcame them, Carrie began to knock over a glass own urine per day in order to verify from my own experience is it so useful and wonderful, as they write about it. Since 2008 Carrie Steele does not take any fortifying drugs other than the product life of their own body, and argues that pain disappeared and the cancer did not return. “You know, my miraculous “medicine” sometimes tastes salty, sometimes it has plum smack and even champagne. Mmm, let’s think, it still happens lemon “, – shares his observations and organoleptic Carry urine properties.

Photo from open sources

A woman has become a true adherent of urinotherapy, she calls their relatives, friends and relatives to follow her example and acquire albeit not too good-smelling, but useful, but her look, habit. Carrie even wants to launch her YouTube channel, where she could lay out peculiar educational video lectures about the benefits of urinotherapy, on the rules for the use of urine and other cognitive information. Mrs. Steele even participated in American television show where she openly spoke about her sincere love and the appreciation of urinotherapy. True, after her treating the doctor warned the woman that the urine may contain toxic substances that are thus excreted from the body, carrie abandoned her daily habit, but not for long. Some months later, the pains returned again, and the woman had again seek help from your miraculous “medicine”, which she not only drinks, but even brushes her teeth with urine for more effect.

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