Carpathian Molfars – powerful magicians

Molfars in the Carpathians are those who, by their unusual magical abilities significantly surpasses the lanes and sorcerers (“chakluniv” in the local language). The Russian word “Molfar” most closely translated as “wizard” because “mage” – a word of English origin and in this case not very fits. Molfar comes from “molf”, which means “spellbound, magical item.”

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Secret knowledge of Carpathian shamans

A few years ago I was visiting friends in the Carpathians. And I found out completely “by chance” that not far, in a small mountain village lives Carpathian Molfar – one of the last keepers of the ancient magical tradition. Information about molfar was supported by a dozen tales of almost miraculous cures for diseases that were not teeth official medicine. Determined and fulfilled firm intention, I hit the road.

And here I am, in a small Carpathian village. Around the high mountains covered dark forest. They keep the memory of the courageous and courageous the leader of opryshki Dovbush (Carpathian analogue of Robin Hood and his “free shooters”) and the last pagan sun worshipers, the temple which are still preserved on the tops of the mountains.

I walk the dirt road. On a narrow suspension bridge startling at every step, I cross the river. Obeying inner voice, heading to the first hut. Above the door amulets, and on the doorstep – I understand it at first sight – he stands. A thin, elderly man with a warm smile and piercing gaze of blue eyes. He takes the road from my hands bag and surprisingly melodic voice with indescribable Carpathian reprimands: “I was waiting for you.”

Seeing the amulet presented by my father on my chest, Molfar says: “I did this golf 25 years ago for your father.”

I am speechless for a moment, and I do not have time to ask the meaning of the word “golf”, with which, as I understand it, is connected itself the term “molfar”, and the shaman himself at this time is serene and free begins to tell. About molfars and witches, about their “doing”, about the origins of their tradition …

The term “molfar” really comes from the ancient word “golf”, which means – a spoken subject. Molfar says a certain “flush” (conspiracy) above it, and this item helps to a person in various life situations.

In 2011, Ivano-Frankivsk region tragically died last officially recognized ukrainian molfar Mikhail Good night.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

I immediately realize two things. First, the main strength of the Carpathian shamans are conspiracies, special sets of words, and speaking easier – in the word itself. And secondly, this tradition is very practical. Indeed, later I found out that there were very few Molfars, who went somewhere in the mountains and forests and engaged only personal magical practices and self-knowledge. Basically they lived among people, had houses and families and provided real assistance in real life … However, I was carried away.

While I was mentally comparing the Molfar tradition with North American and Siberian shamanism, “my” molfar He told me about the beginning of his shamanistic activity. Molfarsky the gift was given to him by his grandmother, who devoted her whole life to shamanism: she was Molfarka – and a healer, and a witch. Having made out in the grandson magical abilities, she began to take him, six, to the mountains, to the forests, to the meadows. She taught to recognize herbs, passed her knowledge and skills.

When the boy was twelve years old, produced over him Rite of passage. The rite is to fumigate the initiate special herbs – at the same time opens a shamanic “vision”, a person enters the world of spirits so that they recognize him as theirs. In this moment the future molfar acquires a personal spiritual guide who helps him navigate the other worlds.

Each molfar has its own “letter”, its own style. Molfars can be innate and learned. Each of them is a magician in direct sense of the word. Moreover, he owns both white and black aspects. of magic. The power of Molfar magic spreads even in the elements. Molfarov, able to disperse thunderclouds, take hail, Hutsuls are called “thunderbolts”. In order to receive power over the elements, a certain ritual is performed. Tool a thunderbolt is served by a special knife made of a scythe blade, which Molfar “cuts” thunderclouds.

In general, in the Molfar tradition, many rites, rituals and sacred objects are associated with thunder, thunder, lightning. Carpathian magicians have a universal word – “thunder”. This is the name of the thunderstorms, and a tree struck by lightning (from it make the best musical instruments, and slivers of such wood are used by molfars for fumigating people with nervous disorders). “Thunderbolt” is also a sacred object made from such “thunder tree”, with the help of it the molfar robs the evil sorcerers and witches power.

And in pre-Christian times in the Carpathian and South Slavic region “thunderbolts” called the heavenly virgins – the patronesses of the brave warriors. You can recall Gromovitsa – female hypostasis thunder god in South Slavic mythology … of particular importance in shamanistic traditions of the Carpathians have “thunderstones” that fell during thunderstorms from the sky, as well as “stones-lightning” – rounded black pebbles of unknown origin.

They are usually found near trees struck by lightning, and molfars argue that these are ball lightning cores. Anyway, not on one mineral rock, known in the Carpathians, they are not similar. Molfar uses these stones to perform special magic ceremonies.

Interestingly, the Incas also had a cult of thunder, lightning. And in their they also used “thunderstones” in magic rituals. These stones of meteorite origin that fell to the ground during a thunderstorm, were considered sacred among the Incas. And his main cultural hero The Inca called Viracocha a “thunder messenger”.

And one more interesting parallel. Molfar says that his the magical tradition with spiritual roots goes back to the Incas. Secret word of mouth tradition says that when Inca spiritual aspirations weakened, their magical power in the form energy flow went into the “spiritual space” and was perceived in the Carpathians by a group of people who possessed due qualities. Then this spiritual knowledge intertwined with the local traditions and in this form have come down to our time …

Molfar pauses for a moment, and moves from the history of Molfar to healing, which is an important part of this tradition. Treats molfar conspiracies, sanctified by water, minerals and naturally herbs and potions, which he himself collects on strictly defined days and watch. Roots – in the afternoon, the ground part of plants – in the first. There are herbs that gather only at dawn, while others require night pores. After all, each grass has its own biofield, and it depends on when to collect it.

Legends have been created about some of the herbs in the Carpathians. About Gold the root “(Rhodiola rosea), about mandrake – the queen of love magic, about “dzhindzhure” – yellow gentian, which is called Carpathian ginseng, and before the miraculous power of which the Hutsuls bow to this day …

And another Molfar method of treatment is music. A more precisely, playing the drimba, an ancient Hutsul instrument. Are playing on it with the help of lips, teeth, tongue and breath at the same time. And by itself the sound resembles Buddhist mantras. By the way, in Tibet there is analog of dryba. A similar tool (harp) is used in magic rituals of shamans of the northern peoples. In the Carpathians, Drymba is known from from time immemorial. Interestingly, traditionally it is considered female tool. And to this day every second gutsulka “mind in drymbu. ”

Molfar says this tool has extraordinary by force is magic in sounds, a conspiracy in music. The sounds of drums says the shaman, the disease can be cured, these sounds awaken energy wood, stone, metal, they give molfar special strength, especially which he himself does drimba. With these sounds you can charm beloved person, attract a wild beast, turn the enemy into friend …

Noticing a silver ring on my finger, Molfar says: “If you always wear a silver ring on your right hand, – you will become invulnerable to evil influences. “And again he brings the drymbu to lips and pouring sounds that transmit and murmur of mountain streams, and ringing stars over the peaks of the Carpathians, sounds full of Power that takes beginning somewhere there, in the depths of millennia, in the very spirit of our ancestors who felt the indivisibility of all things …

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of another patient. I went out the yard. It was a frosty winter night. Over the white peaks of the mountains flickered huge shaggy stars. I took two steps along the house and suddenly … A powerful force that can not be called and described in words, seized me. Earth furiously spun underfoot in one direction, the whole world before my eyes slowly swam to another, the stars danced in front of eyes.

I leaned against a tree so as not to fall, closed my eyes. A whirlwind the magic performed in the house, which enveloped the entire space around, carried me farther and farther. And when it seemed to me that I already I can touch the huge, honey-golden moon with my hand, magic suddenly left. I slowly came to, somewhere nearby slammed gate. The visitor has left.

… Each spring, as soon as the snow melts, Molfar performs ancient shamanistic rite of “gaining strength.” He goes to the mountains, finds according to one of his guided signs, the cave is walled up there without food and water. It is covered with turf and moss, covers the entrance with stones, so that not a single ray of light, not a single sound from the outside penetrates this shelter. There, immersed in deep meditation, Molfar dwells twelve days. So he is cleansed of all evil and filth that could pester him for a year during treatment sessions. So he receives a new charge of spiritual strength …

We seek spiritual revelation in the deserts of Mexico, in the mystical doctrines or elsewhere. But we have our own secret traditions not studied by anyone and carefully guarded. And probably not for nothing. Molfar says that his tradition, apart from magic-healing school, has a path of a certain “higher magic”. But this path, as well as its goals, cannot be opened to the uninitiated.

Molfar tradition is not exotic. This is a real force requiring serious relationship. The shaman says that they come to him, especially in recent years, homegrown “magicians” requiring a miracle in confirmation of his magical abilities, wishing to test shaman “by force”. But he has one answer to such requirements: empty experiments harm both people and nature, and the forces with which Molfar communicates. And these powers can avenge neglect to the secret.

The magic carried by the Molfar tradition is living fire, lightning over the tops of the mountains. And having fun with her, you can get burned forever and ever. Those who nevertheless strive to follow this path, Molfar says: “Molfarism is a heavy cross, it is fate itself, which a person carries until his death. This is life for others. it responsibility for every day of his life, for every perfect an act, for every word uttered, for every thought … ”

In parting, the molfar gives me a small carnation – protection to the strength that I received from communicating with him did not go away. And staring intently in my eyes, pronounces the words that I will remember forever: “Bullet can fly past the target. The word is never, for the word is the greatest power in the universe … ”

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