Cars that disappear right on eyes

Cars that disappear right before your eyesPhoto from open sources

Cars disappearing in the eyes of witnesses – a phenomenon more common than it may seem. For example, on the Internet described many cases that can be called “glitches in matrix. ”

The first case of the disappearance of a car

Here is what, in particular, the user tells on the Reddit website with the nickname “pixelpants”:

I was at home and after dinner I cleaned the dishes from the table, when he suddenly saw an approaching car through a window. It seemed to me, that a woman is driving. I was surprised since my house is in deadlock, neither drive nor turn around normally in this place not allowed. For a minute I watched the car slowly approach, and decided that the woman got lost and is now looking for where to turn around. I hastened to the street to help her, and in ten seconds left the house, but did not see any car … It was unbelievable. For such a short period of time he could not give backing up and disappearing from view, and he was more to escape nowhere to go. In the dust I saw the tracks left by this machine … I have there was a feeling that she simply disappeared into in the air.

Second car disappearance

On the same site, another user described how he once he was returning by car from work and stopped at a traffic light. Behind him stood a black SUV. And then there was this:

I slowly set off to the green light, watching SUV in the rearview mirror. I wanted to understand if he would become overtake me or not because the owners of such cool cars love to show acceleration speed. However the black jeep is sedately followed me … Suddenly, when I just blinked, the car disappeared! .. It happened in broad daylight and on the road without any driveways! I thought it was an SUV that could crash into trees on the sidelines, and even slowed down. But the thing is that there wasn’t a black jeep anywhere! .. I analyzed everything options and did not find any rational explanations.

Third car disappearance

On the same Reddit we find a description of another mysterious case, and this time there were two eyewitnesses:

After school, my friend and I returned home after regular route. At some point, we, as always, left for highway and, having overcome a large hill, stopped at a traffic light in a long a series of cars. At that moment, my friend noticed a car driving on a dirt parallel road in the opposite direction. I I was surprised, as I would definitely see this car since hill, because it offers an excellent overview. And in general it was it’s not clear where this clunker is going, since the dirt road ends in a dead end, I knew it perfectly. I looked closely at strange car: it was a white, pretty old car, brand which I could not identify. Touching the green light, I looked around to see where now this intriguing us the car. But she was no longer on the primer or on the track. Yes and no the car could have moved to the track: between it and the dirt road there is a wide ditch (in which, by the way, there is also no white hanger It was). “Damn it, what is it?” – muttered my amazed friend. The sensations from what he saw were really creepy …

A photo from open sources

Fourth car case

And finally, another story shared on the resource ThoughtCo is an Australian witness calling himself Mike.

A photo from open sources

One day, Mike went to the city of Clayton with his friend. Home he had to return alone and late at night. Time approaching midnight, on the road, except for Michael’s car, other cars. Suddenly the man noticed that he was followed by a jeep, which seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Having approached the shops located along the highway, and looking in the rearview mirror, I noticed catching up with me car. I wonder where he came from? I thought it was the driver was very accelerated, despite the limitation for this section of the road (up to 40 kilometers during the day and up to 60 kilometers at night). Because the the locals don’t do that, I decided that it’s some kind of tourist-scorcher, which will overtake me before I pass a strip of shops. However, looking back, I saw that the road is completely empty: a jeep with a trailer that caught up with me a second ago at a tremendous speed, it was not on. Logically, I could not explain to myself where he gone …

Why cars?

All these cases, which are actually much more even on Reddit, not to mention other World Wide Web sites, oral traditions and so on, make you wonder: why cars so often arise from “nowhere” and disappear later “unknown where”? Not people, not animals, not even planes, namely cars. We have all heard about “glitches in the matrix,” but such glitches should (by the logic of things) apply to all occasions, as and all vehicles in this example. And if it’s not “failures in the matrix,” then what?

A photo from open sources

That’s why even the sudden disappearance of cars leaves as if to the background before this no less mysterious question – and why exactly cars in such “privilege”? What do you think, why, and what is it at all? ..

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