Cats for some reason try to enter to the japanese museum

Cats, for some reason, try to get into the Japanese museumA photo from open sources

Some funny cats and cats have been trying for many years penetrate the Onomichi art museum of Japanese Hiroshima, however, so far without success.

Almost daily, furry purrs attempt to pass through automatic doors along with visitors to the cultural institutions. Nevertheless, the guard is extremely polite and cautious. blocks the four-legged violators of the path. Rules are rules and animals are not allowed inside.

Videotapes depicting this “fight” recently hit The Internet has become viral. Millions of World Users cobwebs touched such a ritual. Almost every day cats they try to enter the museum without much pressure, and the guard does not allow of this, catching animals at the entrance, stroking them and turning in opposite side.

Modern Japanese people are generally extremely soft people and cats love almost the same as the ancient Egyptians. Despite this, residents The countries of the rising sun are also used to unquestioningly follow any rules and instructions, and therefore do not give relentless mustachioed to get into the building, whatever the reason for their visit.

The history of the appearance of these animals, by the way, is quite intriguing and unusual. Few years ago in the museum opened an exhibition of paintings and other objects of art, dedicated to cats. That immemorial evening, just before by the opening of the exhibition, this very group approached the entrance to the institution mustachioed, as if expressing a desire to look at portraits and sculptures of their relatives. Since then, animals for some reason do not lose hoping to be on the other side of the door.

Strange and mysterious, isn’t it? Maybe for this reason cats so revered in ancient Egypt, and modern conspiracy theorists are sure that these animals are somehow connected with aliens? ..

Cats japan

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