Cave of the black devil

The cave of the black devilA photo from open sources

Kashkulak cave located in the northern part of Khakassia – one of the worst places on the planet. Local residents call her cave of the black devil or the cave of the black shaman. Each of The names have their own explanation.

The cave as a cult place of ancient Khakasses

This place was a cult among the ancient Khakasses, in particular, here they worshiped the black devil. To appease him, the Gentiles sacrificed animals and people. This is evidenced by ancient bonfire and altar found in the cave, which are arranged around the stalagmite in the form of a phallus, as well as animal bones and human remains. According to legend, the dark the energy of the ancient shamans, which periodically spills on not to the best of curious visitors.

A photo from open sources

In 1960, a student group of twenty people I went to an ominous cave, and get out of it in a day only two girls succeeded, moreover, one of them in insane riotous condition hunters found not far from the cave. She screamed something incoherent and biting. The second girl was by chance discovered by a police outfit from the village of Shira. With gray hair death face and blood-bitten lips, she wandered through the dark street of the village. The girl was clutching a stone figure in her hands, with which she didn’t want to leave. Both students were in psychiatric clinic, where they soon died from an unknown illnesses. Doctors failed to diagnose all medical the patient’s indicators were healthy.

Black shaman – the owner of the cave

Another tragedy occurred when a group descended into the cave schoolchildren. It was led by experienced archaeologists. However for incomprehensible reasons, people hurriedly left this place, and later one of the boys committed an unexpected suicide. The schoolboy left the dying note mentioning the devil in a stone hole. At the end of this a strange note in someone’s not childish handwriting was written: “… die and remember the stones. ”

A photo from open sources

… In 1983, a group of cavers examined the local grottoes. They are We stayed in the cave for several hours and headed for the exit. To the rise already closing, by the name of Bakulin, was preparing, when suddenly he saw two lights glowing in absolute darkness. The man felt that his body seemed to be bound in terror. She barely moved in the dark a noticeable human figure, and the caver saw the shaman: he gestured Bakulin called for his hands. Forces to resist this call there was no man … He only managed to pull the rope and thereby serve sign to be lifted. Bakulin was pulled out, and for a long time he could not to recover, and after never again visited Kashkulak the cave …

There were also similar stories, some of them got on the pages of newspapers. Novosibirsk experts and arrived to establish how the cave affects the psyche person.

Scientists examined the cave

Summarizing the information received, the researchers suggested that hallucinations and panic, unaccountable fear arising in the cave are not the machinations of evil spirits, but the result of a very real external influences.

Infrasound is known to have a frequency of about six hertz. causes indescribable horror in people. Scientists have determined that in Kashkulak cave steadily appears sound impulse given frequency. He could be solitary, but he could go in bunches. Happened that the signal disappeared for several days, but then invariably coming back. The main thing is that pulses were recorded precisely when people appeared nervousness and depression, turning into real horror.

A photo from open sources

Scientists had no doubt that the pulses of a given frequency with a constant amplitude of oscillations can only be generated by artificial emitter. However, where does he come from here in the taiga dungeon? The entire cave was carefully examined, experts examined the most its hidden corners – all to no avail. Spoken out the suggestion that the strange source of infrasound is not in the cave itself, and below it. But who installed it there? And why?..

As for the visions, the scientists explained them by hallucinations, which may be caused by the presence in the cave air of any unusual and not yet studied chemical mixture. However, she is quite may be of artificial origin …

The main question that interested everyone in connection with the new discoveries of scientists: why vision comes to different people in the image of a shaman? Researchers could not answer it. One scientific expedition was not able to shed light on the secrets of the Kashkulak cave, this required full-blown research. Unfortunately, the ongoing restructuring and subsequent the collapse of the USSR posed much more acute questions. And therefore the cave the black devil still keeps his dark secrets, attracts numerous tourists and no, no, but collects new victims human curiosity and frivolity …

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