Celebrate the New Year in a barrel dangling in The Atlantic

Celebrate the New Year in a barrel hanging out in the AtlanticPhoto from open sources

How do you like this “tempting” perspective? And here is an elderly Frenchman Jean-Jacques Saven is currently swimming in such a barrel through Atlantic Ocean, and he will have to meet 2019 in this close and, without any exaggeration, unusual floating means.

A photo from open sources

But the Frenchman himself chose him to travel across the Atlantic. His “barrel” is a kind of boat two meters long, made of strong multilayer epoxy plywood in which there is only a small porthole to observe the vast the ocean, as well as a modest bed, a linen closet and a table (though everything necessary for survival in such conditions – too). Not happy no motor this unusual craft called “barrel” is not has, but because the Frenchman will cross the Atlantic only with the help of ocean current and wind. But by all accounts, he must get to where it is planned, and, certainly, at the right time.

A photo from open sources

An elderly Frenchman sailed from the smallest civilized islands in the world of El Hierro (Canary), which belongs to Spain. This tiny island was once considered the westernmost land on planet (before the discovery of America by Columbus), and until 1885 was reference point for the Earth’s zero meridian. By spring already 2019 years, if everything goes well, which the man has no doubt, the traveler will reach the Caribbean (see our impromptu map).

A photo from open sources

In order to celebrate the New Year, the Frenchman grabbed a bottle Sauternes wines, it’s true to celebrate the most fabulous holiday him will have to be in the open ocean, in a cramped barrel and completely alone. Imagine only: New Year’s Eve, a tree in the lights, spray champagne, jokes, laughter, funny greetings from friends, and this time – somewhere in the open ocean a man hangs in a barrel – horror, and only! Moreover, on January 14, an elderly man will celebrate in such but inhuman conditions its 72th birthday – for this solemn occasion the frenchman in store a bottle of Bordeaux wine.

A photo from open sources

Finally, we note that Jean-Jacques Saven is not the first to commit crazy action with a barrel. In 1901, a brave American Annie Edson Taylor in a wooden barrel conquered Niagara Falls – she was 63 years old then (she set a record just a day birth). Let’s hope that the elderly Frenchman is also waiting for success and victory. Presumably, he will go down in history now in any case …


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