Celestial phenomena that occur at any time days

Celestial phenomena that occur at any time of the dayPhoto from open sources

Ghosts that people often encounter in their lives, sometimes appear not only in ancient castles, in cemeteries and other terrible places, but also on ordinary roads, in the forest, in the mountains, moreover, they can often be observed even in the daytime.

Moreover, something similar can sometimes be seen in heaven, only heavenly ghosts are usually called visions, although they have much in common with ordinary people from the subtle world that we often called the afterlife or otherworldly.

English heavenly phenomena

By the way, people seem to have observed such celestial phenomena from time immemorial. For example, one of the documented meetings a similar plan occurred in England on October 3, 1843, when peasant Charles Cooper, working in a field near Warwick Castle, suddenly I heard an incomprehensible roar – right from the sky. He raised his head and froze in surprise: a strange-shaped cloud hung above him, above which soared three white, clearly human figures, appealing to rural worker mournful voices, very similar to trumpet sounds.

A photo from open sources

This unusual phenomenon was observed by other peasants that day, working in neighboring fields, but it was six to seven miles from of the place where Charles Cooper worked, and therefore the rest of the British They did not hear anything or even see the white pieces. However, they were surprised by the unusual shape of the cloud, which also persisted quite a long time, despite the windy weather of the day.

The phenomenon in heaven during the Crimean War

An even more astounding heavenly event occurred during Crimean War of the mid-nineteenth century. In battle with Bash-Kadik-Lara, which occurred on November 19, 1853, a detachment Russians utterly defeated the Turks, who in number and armament several times superior to their opponent. It was easy some miracle, especially after the captured Turks told about the reasons for their defeat.

It turns out that over the Russian army a bright female figure with a banner in his hand. The light from her blinded her eyes and raised in the soul even the most brave warrior such a panic that the Turks dropped their weapons and took to flight, losing the battle, which would inevitably have to win. The most interesting thing is that no the Russians themselves did not notice the heavenly vision, and therefore did not even understand why the Turks ran so cowardly from them …

A photo from open sources

One foreign magazine of the time described this miracle in detail, since the defeat of the Russian troops at Bash-Kadyk-Lara was like inevitable, but the Turks somehow left their strengths in a panic position. It turns out, the author of the article explained, over the Russian army a female figure arose in a blinding radiance that could still take for the cross. Perceiving this vision as a sign from above, Turkish troops retreated in panic. But here is the interesting thing: although they themselves Russians did not notice this heavenly vision, it was seen not only Turks, but also captured Russians among them.

Prediction of heaven

And here is a later documented meeting with a similar phenomenon. It happened on June 22, 1941 over the city of Kotelnich. Kirov region, just on the day of the Nazi attack on Germany USSR.

At noon, the inhabitants of the town noticed a white cloud in the sky. It in in fact, it was unremarkable if over the spire of the church, standing on Kotelnicheskaya Gora, this whitish clot did not stop, then it thickened and suddenly took the form of a saucer, on which “flaunted” the human head. Moreover, the “modeling” was so clear, three-dimensional and with many details that Russians without labor identified in this head of Hitler. Many began to be baptized, however, almost everyone realized that this is a sign from above, and therefore the Fuhrer is waiting defeat and inglorious end.

The vision lasted only a few minutes, then blurred and flew across the sky in the form of the same whitish cloud. However how wrote one of the witnesses of this miracle, the similarity of the heavenly portrait with photos in newspapers, posters depicting Hitler, was so striking that none of the residents of Kotelnich there was even doubt that this is a heavenly prediction, and the prediction is very good for our country. So, in general, and It happened…

Holy Virgin in Heaven

At the end of the last century, the newsletter “Anomaly” described two interesting visions in the sky. One of them happened in 1990 in Moldova. Bus passengers traveling to Rybnitsa from the village Vadu-Turkului, suddenly noticed a huge female in the evening sky figure, although a few minutes ago even small clouds. Virgin Mary, as eyewitnesses immediately christened her, occupied half-sky, she seemed to lie down on an invisible sofa, but good viewed itself: her magnificent hair, high breasts, light a cloak falling down and covering her legs. It’s wonderful the vision lasted in the sky for almost half an hour, and then it seemed to melt away, turning into a light yellow spot.

A photo from open sources

Another similar meeting described in the newsletter by Odessa Ekaterina Chuprina, took place on June 20, 1990. About eight in the evening the woman saw through the window that amazingly hanging in the sky Smooth gray cloud in the shape of a bean. Once again, looking out the window, Odessa citizen noticed that the bean cloud was divided into two halves, and now in the section of it you could see a chair or, rather, a throne, on which sat a golden woman in a long dress and with a crown on the head. Housewife admired this wonderful vision of minutes fifteen, then she had to escape for a few minutes. And when she again went to the window, in the blue sky there were only small white clouds, true surprisingly regular round shape and the same size …

Other phenomena

Similar messages can be found on the pages of other newspapers of the end last century. For example, in 1967, an employee of the geophysical the station watched in the sky above Tiksi Bay the beautiful face of a woman as if woven from red-yellow rays and sparkling stones with starry eyes that attracted and fascinated – even hard It was to take his eyes off this wonderful vision.

Moreover, the vision was accompanied by a fantastic sound, as if distorted human voice from the receiver. By the way, note that many celestial phenomena are accompanied by similar sounds that modern man calls “synthesized”, “metal”, however, even in medieval recordings such sounds had practically the definition is “iron” and “metal”.

In 1983, over the city of Srednekolymsky in Yakutia, many observed a heavenly portrait of a man who hung over the inhabited point for almost three hours. But in Transnistria, a giant female a figure appeared in the sky in 1991, just during the military actions that made some desperate heads change their minds and to turn to God, the Blessed Virgin, and not to arms.

Mikhail Gershtein from St. Petersburg, who collects evidence of such celestial phenomena, notes that their very a lot, some of them are not so bright, and therefore do not get widely publicized. However, even those textured occurrences in the sky of the Blessed Virgin, winged Angels, some kind of prophetic visions and even Demons, tell us that the subtle world of the afterlife constantly in contact with our physical, sending people certain signs that we should not just observe, but understand, learn to build your life on them, making it more righteous, clean and bright.

Moreover, in our days, heavenly visions happen no less often, especially easily and simply they began to be traced with the advent of Internet, when on the Web you can easily find more than just photos and descriptions, but also videos about the miracle that just happened that kind of …

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