Celtic charms, talismans, amulets

Celtic amulets today are considered one of the most mysterious and enigmatic, therefore they are very popular. Celtic talismans will help protect you from accidents and unkind actions on the part of envious people, as well as replenish your reserves of vital energy.

Celtic amulets

Celtic amulets for general use

Many Celtic amulets have a common meaning and signify the fusion of the afterlife, divine and human worlds. Such talismans symbolize goodness, health and success.

Often, items of clothing, household utensils or weapons are decorated with protective images in the form of animals, enclosed in ornate Celtic patterns.

Celtic talismans are characterized by both magical and healing properties:

  • effectively relieve old diseases and improve the functioning of the immune system;
  • eliminates signs of depression, minimizes the risk of stressful situations;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • helps to find harmony between work and family life;
  • gives self-confidence.

The value of Celtic amulets is directly related to the form of weaving:

  • circle – balance of peace of mind;
  • triangle – improving relationships with family and friends;
  • square – protection from evil forces;
  • spiral or labyrinth – career and personal growth.

The pentagram will help a person learn to value spiritual well-being and will protect him from any negative manifestations from the outside.

Amulets of the four elements

The Celts based their beliefs on the relationship between man and the four elements. Each of them is characterized by unique features, which are conveyed by the Celtic talismans.

Amulet of water

The main qualities that such a talisman develops:

  • willpower;
  • perseverance and perseverance in achieving the set goals;
  • speed of decision making.

Most often, such amulets were used by warriors. The most common image is a dragon that promises good luck in any battle.

Amulet of Air

Celtic amulets, subject to the elements of air, will help you find your soul mate, increase confidence in the future and protect their owner from various troubles. Often depicted as birds.

A pair of pigeons, symbolizing the happiness of the newlyweds, is also a Celtic symbol.

Fire amulet

Fiery Celtic amulets will protect the owner, his family and home from troubles and uninvited guests. Such an amulet gives its owner peace of mind, improves health and ensures family well-being.

Brigid's Bracelet

The talismans of fire include the bracelet and ring of Brigida, which are recommended to be worn on the hands of children to protect them from the effects of evil forces. Also, the signs of this element will be an excellent amulet for travelers and people whose work is associated with heavy physical exertion.

For manufacturing, it is best to use wood or metal blanks.

Amulet of the earth

Celtic amulets of the earth equate fertility, their action is aimed at protecting the fairer sex.

Expert opinion Kanti Gauri Carmologist, parapsychologist Earth talismans will help to reveal the inner potential of a woman, improve her financial condition and develop her hidden talents.

The most common item of this element is the trefoil, it is made of durable metal and brings success to its owner in all matters.

Celtic cross

The amulet in the form of a Celtic cross unites the power of all the elements, cardinal points or seasons, displayed at the ends of the figure, and the circle placed in the center symbolizes human unity. Such unity helps the owner of the amulet to defend himself from life's misfortunes and overcome any obstacles.

Celtic cross

The circle that unites all the ends of the cross indicates the connection of everything in nature and the cyclical nature of the universal forces. This amulet protects the owner, while rewarding him with important knowledge.

It is important to respect such a talisman, otherwise the cross may be lost or bring a negative impact into the life of the owner.

Celtic spirals

This symbolism means:

  • positive life changes;
  • career growth;
  • spiritual development.

Most often, such spirals are depicted as triple, which indicates the trinity of the human spirit, concentrated in the center.

Celtic knot

The knots imitate weaving and help to manipulate energy flows. Each knot is made from a single thread, which symbolizes a person's life path.

Woven lovers

The symbol is depicted in the form of a diamond, consisting of inextricably linked threads, enclosed in a braided circle. This amulet is best suited for couples in love in a serious relationship – it helps to strengthen their bond, and when feelings subside between spouses, the amulet helps to rekindle past passion.

Tree of life

Main properties:

  • improving relationships with family members;
  • strengthening family ties;
  • knowledge of worldly mysteries.

The amulet, which depicts a tree with intertwined branches and roots, symbolizes the inextricable relationship between the various facets of the universe.

Making an amulet with your own hands

When making these amulets, it is recommended to adhere to a number of rules that will help enhance its effect.

Celtic knot

The easiest way to make a Celtic knot. This requires:

  • take a lace made from natural material;
  • on one side, make a free loop and pass the second end through it to make a heart-shaped knot;
  • skip the same end alternately to the edges of the heart, and then repeat the procedure on the opposite side;
  • circle around the contour and pass through the loops again;
  • having finished weaving the knot, fix the lace from the wrong side.

Celtic cross

The next amulet is more difficult to make:

  1. You can choose copper, wood or silver for the blank.
  2. A cross with an outer circle is applied to the selected material, the image is cut out and aligned along the edges.
  3. The cross is decorated with well-distinguishable patterns.

If necessary, the decoration is additionally coated on top with varnish or paint.

Each Celtic amulet has a powerful magical effect, so a properly selected amulet will help protect your life from the negative effects of envious people. Remember – you need to acquire Celtic amulets only with pure thoughts, otherwise it may attract failures in your life in the future.

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