Centennial mysterious disappeared in Wales beeches

Wales mysteriously lost century-old beechesPhoto from open sources

Welsh environmental officers are searching for the present moment, presumably, a group of poachers who in some incomprehensible way managed to cut about two hundred huge beech trees.

An investigation was launched last week when government officials stumbled upon a crime scene. Where the grove stood of thirty-meter-old trees, only hemp remained scattered upper branches – beech trunks were taken away somewhere.

The age of a beech grove near Caerfilly in South Wales was over two centuries old. Needless to say that illegal felling of these ancient majestic trees is extremely alarmed local authorities. Beeches were home to numerous rare animals, birds and insects, but because their felling was under the strictest ban. If the culprits are found, they will certainly face fines and imprisonment. That’s just for starters nature conservationists should look for criminals, and that’s how it turned out the task was not easy.

Century-old beeches stole by aliens?

Environmental representatives say that illegal cutting down such a prominent forest should certainly get the attention of local residents and law enforcement officers however for some reason this did not happen. One gets the impression that aliens flew here and cut off in a matter of minutes laser all the beeches, and then loaded them into their flying saucer and set off home.

A photo from open sources

By the way, some British ufologists really believe that the trees could be destroyed not by man, but by some other force. Not necessarily aliens, however it is to this theory UFO and paranormal researchers are inclined the most. Or maybe secret teleportation trials took place in Wales? A suddenly a huge monster tumbled down a beech grove, and government officials had to file hemp to to pass off this atrocity for the work of poachers? However, filing hemp is also a troublesome, long and noisy thing, which would certainly attract people’s attention.

Local “green” official Jim Hepburn recently added fuel to fire conspiracy theories, telling reporters the following: “We do not know who or what it did. Where did our trees go? Why nobody noticed their cutting down? That is, no one saw or even heard anything, although knocking down two hundred centuries-old beech trees is a whole problem, time-consuming, application of technology and attracting dozens lumberjacks. This is the first time we are faced with a similar mystery. ” people also regretted that the country lost so much a beautiful and unique piece of nature, which in our lifetime is already not recover.

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