Characterization of Indigo Children

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Indigo children are very sensitive and compassionate to everyone. creatures: other people, plants and animals. They are painful react to injustice, stupidity, cruelty, heartlessness, inhumanity and insensibility. Indigo children – these are children of creativity, for them some things happening in our world with you, defy explanation. These are people who would never stand in line waiting for something, they always find their niche where they could stand out, that is, those are people who always and everywhere bring something of their own. This is the general characteristic of Indigo children.

Indigo – a projection of a new generation

Indigo Children is a projection of a new generation. But what about will be with conservatives? Are they completely supplanted people of the new generation? I know many young people who do not distinguished by special abilities and have traditional worldview views, and they still live and live in a new era. how Do they get along with new generation children? Won’t they feel infringed upon themselves and will this not cause a kind of war? I I am of the opinion that everything should be on this earth a place. And even if a person is not distinguished by special talents, he has a right to exist in a new era. If in the future there will be born children only with phenomenal abilities then it turns out that the current normal person with an average future mental potential will be considered abnormal? Means should yellows give way to blues? I understand that evolution is not stop if the future will be scary for middle-aged people capacity? The Age of Aquarius portends an acceleration of mental human activities, and this will entail scientific and technological progress, and any progress marks a revolution in human consciousness. What will happen to those who cannot rebuild their thinking? This question remains open.

Spiritual World of Indigo Children

Let us try to describe the characteristics of the spiritual world of Indigo children. It should be noted that Indigo children from early childhood exhibit a remarkable interest in technology. Already at 5 years old, such a child can understand computer is better than a 50 year old man. Indigo children are people of the technological age that must accomplish colossal scientific and technological revolution. Such people rely more on their logical reasoning than feelings. Their mission in this world is make the transition from the astral to the mental projection of being, i.e. so that the train of thought of a person prevails over feelings. Task of children Indigo – bring everything new to this world. They do not accept the old laws, regulations, customs, etc. All indigo children are initially confident in their relationship with God, which is one of their most important characteristics. They consider themselves people from God, but do not recognize the church as a standard of morality with its traditional canons. Children Indigos will never follow the old traditional commandments for them, even killing is a way of survival. They are able to make something new everywhere, no matter where they are, and no matter what were engaged. Their lifestyle is the order of a new era. In children Indigo its principles, morality, morality. They are very spiritual and gifted, and morality is their main feature. Ours with you the task is to raise such children free, creative, independent, moral and happy.

Communication, relationships and parenting Indigo

Indigo children are very sensitive, and in dealing with such children should be sincere. Indigo children immediately feel the falsity in relationships, and this makes them very sad. Characteristic of these children is independence and solid nature. Already at three years old these children can show tremendous strength of their character, and in the course of them growing up this strength will increase. They were originally born with unusually strong sense of self-confidence and when their legitimate rights and interests are violated; people of this type are capable of even to kill. Indigo children are always sure that they worthy of living on this earth, and often they demand to themselves increased attention. Their views are generally absolutely not coincide with the views of their parents. When parents try them in to convince anything, they fall into an indescribable rage, because is always confident in their innocence. When raising a child Indigo needs to be very careful in choosing the means of proving their innocence and authorities. These children bring to our world all that’s new will change our whole life for the better. Their views are the rules of the future generation and a completely different world. If you suppress such people, don’t giving them opportunities to develop and bring their ideas into this world, then we will significantly slow down the process of human evolution. So, Who are they, Indigo children? Many tried to answer this question. scientists and psychics. But most people agree that Indigo children are a generation of new people – supermen possessing extraordinary abilities. Let’s see what exactly such people are different from us. Firstly, a brand new is not similar to our worldview. Secondly, rebellious non-standard character and powerful intellectual potential. This list can to continue for a long time, but let’s think: what is the structure psyche of such children? American scientists have statistics that in America at one time almost all people of this type the government sent either to prison or to gas stations, i.e. so individuals were not given the opportunity to develop spiritually and intellectually. Only with the onset of the 21st century, people began to guess that Indigo children are “signs” of our future. It is known that in Indigo children the blue color of the aura, in contrast to ordinary people who have a yellow aura. Here you can spend parallel with the fact that our planet still had yellow the color of the aura, but with the beginning of a new era – the onset of the 21st century – to amazement of many psychics Earth began to turn blue auras. Therefore, we are steadily moving to a new stage human evolution. Perhaps the transition itself will be carried out 21 December 2012, when, according to the Mayan calendar, there is a change epochs and a new flowering of life begins. The era of Aquarius has arrived – the era psychics, magicians, wizards and diviners. Here begs conclusion: soon all people will have abilities, about which we heard only in fairy tales. Obviously, to go from one measurements to another will need to fundamentally change the structure your thinking. Need to get rid of bad thoughts, words, qualities character and evil activities that bring suffering to themselves and the world in whole. Those people who will not be able to revolutionize their consciousness will not be able to step into a new era, or their transition will be painful, according to many esoteric sources.

Indigo Children Life Evolution

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