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About people who wonderfully pass death they are said to be “spellbound”. Indeed there is many conspiracies that supposedly allow a person to avoid death, but practice proves that they are not particularly effective. For example, about Emelyan Pugachev said that he was a sorcerer, charmed by bullets, from a knife, from poison and other dangers. However, all these conspiracies they didn’t stop the executioner from depriving Pugachev of a wild head. But the most The famous king was Charles XII. According to the legend a certain witch made him almost immortal. You can kill Karl was only an object belonging to himself. Charles XII was Shot on November 30, 1718 with a shot at the temple. According to legend, the fatal bullet that took his life was made of a button with uniform of the king himself. Charles XII and Mazepa after Poltava on the shore Днепра Spellbound PeoplePhoto from open sources

This “bullet button” has been kept in the city museum for many years Varberg in western Sweden. Over time, belief in bullet conspiracies somehow subsided, but people who by a lucky chance avoid death, often called spellbound. Of famous US President Gerald Acquires Politicians’ Conspiracy Ford Only in September 1975 did he survive two assassination attempts and both times, by a happy coincidence, escaped danger. 5September 1975, Lynette Fromm jumped up to him with a gun, consisting of a gang of Charles Manson. When the service staff security grabbed her, she in a frenzy repeated: – Pistol not fired, not fired! They examined the gun and found that he misfired when frome pulled the trigger. Ford September 21, 1975 tried to shoot Sarah Jane Moore, a leftist activist. This time the terrorist didn’t let the gun down. But a moment before the shot policeman Oliver Siple hit her arm – the bullet went down and ricocheting injured a random person. But Ford remained unharmed. Gerald Ford passed away at the age of 93 and became a long-liver among American presidents. However, the most talked about among politicians Certainly is the Cuban commandant Fidel Castro. On his life attempted 637 times. They say that attempts to eliminate Fidel’s CIA spent $ 120 million. Why the CIA undertook to eliminate it: sent snipers, mined cars, tried to poison food, cigars, fountain pen, scuba gear and even disguise a bomb under the sea shell in the place where Fidel was engaged in scuba diving. In 1978, for two million bucks hired a kamikaze who was supposed to dive on a plane with explosives in the window of Castro’s office. Nothing helped. Fidel Castro was livelier than all the living. But Cubans know the secret invulnerability of Commander Fidel. They say once upon a time the high priestess of voodoo from Haiti gave him a charmed amulet with dried blood and crushed tongue of an African sorcerer who takes all troubles away from him.

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Not everyone succeeds in finding out – is he talking from a bullet or not? Basically, you have to check it on yourself only by the military, police officers and bandits. And some of them really found the reputation of the spoken. Here are just a few stories. Some years back in the press an unusual crime story was described the basis of the criminal case, which investigators dubbed the “case Rasputin. “Very much the details of this story resembled circumstances the murders of Grigory Rasputin. As Prince Yusupov in her featured honored master of sports in water polo, which in The article was named by Sergey Kuptsov. After completing sports career, he opened his own cafe. But instead of profit it started to cause losses. Kuptsov got into debt and here is very handy he was offered financial assistance by a certain Nikolai Sobinov, a former boxer convicted of rape and possession of weapons. Altruist Sobinov was not at all, he promised Kuptsov to pay off his debts only provided that he renews his ownership of Cafe. True, as compensation, he promised that he would continue the opportunity to sit for free at this point of catering and he will regularly receive a share of its profits. Sobinov not only did not hide his affiliation with organized crime, but also boasted by her. In fact, he corrupted Kuptsov, and when he realized this, I decided to put the cafe back in my hands. Once in the evening, when Sobinov traditionally had a meal in a cafe with a friend, suddenly they both felt bad: their head ached, they were drawn to sleep. They went into the back room, sat on chairs there and chopped off right there. Soon Sergey Kuptsov and his son Artyom entered the back room. First, they thoroughly beat those who are unconscious condition of the brothers, and then shot them. They planted a pool for everyone in the head, and for fidelity, they made another control shot in Sobinov’s mouth. Then they wrapped the corpses in cellophane and put them in the freezer the camera. After that, Kuptsov Sr. left the deceased’s Mercedes Sobinov to hide him in a safe place, and the youngest decided for a snack after the labors of the righteous and sat down at a table in a cafe. But all appetite was gone when he saw who enters the hall. And entered there Sobinov in person. After staying in the fridge his face was deathly pale, and the inlets from the bullet and the blood made him just awful. But the deceased is very swore distinctly dirty. When numbness fell from Artyom, he jerked out of the hall faster than a doe. And when the cafe employees came to their senses, they rushed to the aid of the owner. He was quickly washed, bandaged and sent by taxi to the hospital. True before heading to Sklif Sobinov ordered to take him to church. And in the hospital, doctors incredibly surprised by his vitality. He got two pieces of lead from the skull and darned a hole in the back. It turned out that the “control” a bullet fired into his mouth passed right through the collarbone. Through Sobinov’s month had completely wandered off and left the hospital. So that he was luckier than Rasputin. This story happened back in socialist times. Traffic police officers Captain Vaclav Bekša and Lieutenant Viktor Verbitsky at the crossroads in the city of Druskininkai Lithuanian SSR stopped for check “Lada” with four men in the cabin. Men turned out to be gangsters returning with robberies. They aroused suspicion among traffic cops, and they offered them follow them to the regional department. Men tried to bribe police officers, but they showed integrity. Then scared revelations, the bandits shot Verbitsky, and then the nabs settled down on unarmed Beksh. First they beat him, and then dragged him into police car. Driving her to a secluded place, criminals shot twice at Wenceslas, and then thrown into his car dynamite checker, after which they left on their “Lada”. Thundered an explosion, parts of a police car scattered in a radius of hundreds of meters. The remains of a car and clothing on a shell-shocked Beksha caught fire. Overcoming pain, he managed to get out of the car and, rolling in the snow ” paid off the clothes. It remains only to marvel at being beaten, wounded, shell-shocked, burned and frozen Beksha managed to overcome about a kilometer through the forest before I got to human habitation. is he held on and did not lose consciousness until the moment he informed to the policemen who arrived, signs of criminals. Meanwhile criminals have already managed to leave the territory of Lithuania and hid in Kaliningrad region. But soon they were calculated and detained. At two of them were shot dead while the rest preferred give up. They found two machine guns, three pistols, three a sawn-off shotgun, several grenades and dynamite checkers. And Vaclav Beksha survived, doctors said he was born in a shirt.

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