Chemotracks – hazardous chemical traces in the sky

Chemotracks - dangerous chemical traces in the skyPhoto from open sources

You also saw strange traces in the sky left by planes, which do not disperse for hours? But the usual traces of jet planes disappear in a matter of minutes.

Long non-fading tracks in the sky are chemotracks, or chemical traces (chemtrails) that are clearly artificial and created for some purpose. But with whom and by whom? Independent researchers claim that it is very dangerous for our planet phenomenon, and it is associated with the creation and improvement, so called climate weapons. Such traces are created, understandable business, purposefully: in the USA, for example, there is a whole fleet of aircraft with spray equipment – Boeing KS-135 Stratotanker, and externally, such airliners are indistinguishable from passenger Boeings.

Official science is trying to prove to us that climate weapons are pointless because controlling the weather earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural elements – just impossible. Like, an artificially caused hurricane is still unknown how he will behave and whom he will hit harder – the enemy or his spawn “scientist”. Everything seems to be logical, however, as philosophers say, in nothing is impossible in this world, and logic is not the best tool of knowledge of this world.

The same meticulous researchers almost in full voice declare that HAARP in Alaska is a U.S. climate weapon. Maybe not yet quite perfect, but the Americans put maximum effort (and money too) to make this genie obedient to his will. AND, they seem to have found a way to do this – spraying in the atmosphere certain chemicals that create conditions for efficient and targeted use of climate weapons.

Today, people see chemtrails all over the planet. Sometimes it it seems something harmless, and sometimes a monstrously frightening phenomenon. There are also scientists who associate with these chemical traces. not only the work of HAARP, but also other military research, for example, testing of chemical and biological weapons. There are other opinions. (see video below).

Whether it is true or not, it’s hard to say. In each case chemotracks should be investigated, but no one not involved. Much easier to fight, for example, with the mythical global warming on the planet: stand out for such a struggle huge (multi-billion) funds settling is unknown in whose pockets, and the interests of the military, which they don’t really like it when someone sticks their nose out of their business …

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