Chernobog in Slavic mythology: the meaning of the symbol

Chernobog among the Slavs is a legendary deity that is present in many folk legends. Despite the fact that he was not worshiped and idols were not created, people believed that Chernobog could have a great influence on the life and fate of a person. Therefore, sacrifices were often made, and the symbols of the dark-faced man were used as a talisman or talisman.

Chernobog among the Slavs

The image of Chernobog among the Slavs

In folk legends, the god Chernobog did not have parents, he came to the human world himself. It emerged from Navi as the opposite element of light. That is why the deity has only one vulnerable spot – sunlight.

Thus, Chernobog is the opposite of Belobog and other light gods. Since the universe consists of a balance of good and evil, such a deity personified precisely the dark side of man, his vices.

In Slavic mythology, the dark-faced one had several images. So, for some time he seemed to people in the form of a great serpent, and in some situations he turned into a black raven. It was from this god that people developed a strong hostility and danger towards such birds. Often Chernobog appeared in the form of a big black wolf.

However, animals are not the only creatures that the dark-faced chose for his appearances. In some legends he was a shriveled old man, and in others a somber and handsome man. At the same time, regardless of the image, the Slavic god Chernobog has always been a dark and terrible creature that inspires fear.

In some myths, it was said about the presence of dark-faced children. They were such creatures as Koschey, Viy, Asped and many other representatives of evil.

Chernobog's symbol

The darkest representative of Slavic paganism has several symbols. The most important of these is Navnik. The first part of the word in translation means death. In another sense, such a name is associated with one of the three worlds, in which only the lower creatures arrive.

The appearance of the Chernobog symbol is made up of several geometric shapes – a triangle, a rhombus and straight lines. In this case, the first part is upside down. However, such details can only be noted upon careful and prolonged examination of the symbol. People who see him for the first time often perceive this combination as the head of a goat.

People often confuse the symbols of Belobog and Chernobog because of their visual similarity. This fact once again proves the connection between these two deities.

Another symbol mentioned in Old Slavonic myths is the black square. He points to the impenetrable darkness that is inherent in this god. There can be nothing else but true evil and darkness. It is not for nothing that the Slavs considered Chernobog Satan in their culture, and his symbol was a sign of hell.

If we talk about numbers, then dark-faced was associated only with one.

Who is suitable for the symbol of Chernobog

Despite the fact that every representative of paganism knew who Chernobog was, he was not always perceived in a negative sense. Amulets with his symbol could positively influence the fate and life of a person. However, such an impact is not suitable for everyone.

People who:

  • want to take the path of spiritual development;
  • got into a difficult situation and see no reason to move on;
  • want to learn, to comprehend new things.

At the same time, in the latter case, they often turn to precisely for obtaining new knowledge in the field of dark magic.

In order for the god Chernobog to pay attention to a person, he needs to make a small offering or purchase his symbol.

belobog and chernobog

Runes of Chernobog and their meaning

Chernobog, like another deity, has its own runes. In Slavic mythology, they are Nuzhda, Viy and Istok. If you add these three elements together, then the runes of Chernobog will indicate the destruction and destruction of the entire surrounding world. At the same time, at present, some people prefer to associate such a combination with chaos, which is an erroneous opinion. The Slavs never perceived such a concept in a negative sense.

However, there is a rune of the same name Chernobog, but its meaning is not as destructive as that of the first three. This element indicates the release of a person from a situation that completely immersed him in himself, relieving him of a sober assessment of what is happening in life. Visually, it is presented in the form of the World tree – the opposite image of the World rune.

Charms and amulets Chernobog

Slavic amulets have a strong magical effect on a person and his environment. Almost every deity has them and is represented not only by solid elements, but also by tattoos and other similar drawings.

A large number of people prefer to choose the Chernobog rune in the form of an amulet. It helps a person to deal with the problems around them, making their outlook on life more real.

Expert opinion Kanti Gauri Karmologist, parapsychologist The guardian Chernobog, represented as a Navnik symbol, will become a good defender from troubles and failures. For people with magical abilities, he helps in the development of their powers.

However, it is necessary to use the symbol of Chernobog with extreme caution. For safety and a positive impact, many Slavs wore the Chernobog amulet together with the magic sign of Belobog. Thus, people tried to equalize the effects of good and evil forces.

The sign of Chernobog had a great influence on the life and life of the Slavs. He was transferred to the body in the form of a tattoo, to jewelry, making amulets and amulets. Despite the negative meaning of the deity, its symbolism could affect a person in a positive way. This glory of the dark-faced man was preserved not only in pagan peoples, gaining more and more popularity in the present time.

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