Children – Natural Telepaths

Children - Natural TelepathsPhotos from open sources

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake from Great Britain once spoke with sensational claim that children have the ability telepathic exchange of experience among themselves, which contributes to learning new things much faster than inherent in adults to people. Thanks to this, it is practically ensured in society. progress.

What have shown numerous experiments

Probably each of us noticed how children easily understand modern gadgets. Get into the hands of a child, even the most difficult smartphone or tablet, it will be completely in a few days masters this “toy”, while an adult sometimes needs weeks and months to learn how to work on a new device. Yes and in this case, the gadget is still a mystery to the owner, since he masters no more than twenty to thirty percent of all its functions and capabilities.

Dr. Sheldrake observed that biological resonance is not inherent only to the modern younger generation, which, by false the opinion of some psychologists is already born by computer scientists. Also behaved and children, say, the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, who easily perceived the “cast-iron” and “demonic” electricity, and then instantly mastered any new technological progress that time.

Conducting research in this direction for twenty years, the scientist determined that this property is a telepathic transfer of experience – is inherent in all living things on Earth, however it is the younger generation, not adults. Experiments on rats, for example, showed that rat pups, learned from their Parents secrets of the maze, and therefore easy in it oriented, somehow transmit this knowledge to rat pups another enclosure (outside the wall), that is, an animal recruited from the street and having no idea about the labyrinth moves.

“Pseudoscientific” theory operates

By writing the book, The New Life Science, Dr. Sheldrake practically tried to “push” telepathy into our orthodox science, why his work was met by academicians literally with hostility, which declared the theory of biological resonance pseudoscientific.

Despite this, the scientist remained unconvinced, proving that the younger generation of any kind of animal easily masters everything new not because of some mythical abilities or thirst knowledge, and on the principle of telepathy. Based on this theory, you can for example, it’s easy to see how the environment affects development mental abilities, as well as the formation of moral principles and life guidelines of a teenager. It’s no coincidence that children spinning, say, among musicians, grow up singers, composers, conductors, and in this environment it’s enough to be one gifted child so that everyone else can easily pull up to his level.

For this reason, now in western schools in every class try to have at least one Russian-speaking child – his the unique mentality and ability to think is not straightforward and unconventionally somehow miraculously applies to the whole class. That is, the principle of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is valid, although the theory of biological resonance is still not recognized among Orthodox scholars.


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