Children under one and a half years old have an acute sense of justice

Children under one and a half years old have a heightened sense of justiceA photo from open sources

Yes, it turns out that at the most tender age, children have a feeling justice, which tells them that every evil act must be punished.

This was confirmed by a study conducted by Professor Rene Bailarjon (Renee Baillargeon) and her team at the University Illinois (the study involved several hundred babies). It was it is proved that even before children learn to make words phrases, they not only understand what is good and what is not, but also realize role of people responsible for justice.

In their work, scientists used a puppet show with plush toys. In the course of the story, the greedy bear took everything for himself gifts without sharing with others.

Toddlers from 6 to 18 months expect leaders like as parents or teachers (e.g., teachers in a nursery), will respond clearly in case someone acts dishonestly. When a greedy bear was not punished for his misconduct, small the audience looked at the stage for a long time and in the hope that justice will prevail. But it was worth the leader to intervene and punish the bear who appropriated all the gifts as children sighed with satisfaction and looked away from the stage, showing that by the very fact that now everything is right and you can put point.

Psychology professor Rene Bailarjon says: in from six months to one and a half years old children are exactly the same respond to injustice, but then begin discrepancies. Thus, our babies are essentially angels, and all they acquire their other qualities through upbringing.

I don’t want to say at all, says the scientist, that the baby is a blank sheet on which you can “write” anything (as you thought earlier) that a person received from ancestor genes, finally, past lives (which cannot be ignored, especially in light of recent studies). But in the first months of his of life, all children are very pure in soul. Further, as they grow older, they have a correct or distorted view of our world, and a sense of justice can gradually change its polarity or even completely atrophy.

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