Children with black eyes: is it possible from them to escape?

Children with black eyes: is it possible to escape from them?Photo from open sources

Children with completely black eyes remain another mystery for researchers paranormal phenomena. It’s not even clear where they are attributed to: aliens, aliens from the underworld or to creatures from some kind of parallel reality. Only clear one thing: these strange children are far from friendly towards to us and appear without fail to scare or even inflict some kind of evil.

Lon Strickler, living in Pennsylvania and given already studying it strange phenomenon, published a very interesting story of a certain American Jason, who in September last year ran into with black-eyed children near a hotel in Atlantic City, faced and barely blew off their legs.

How Jason managed to escape from black-eyed children

One of September evenings, Jason with his girlfriend Laura and another couple from Philadelphia rested in a hotel room and stayed up late. Around midnight with them alcohol ended, and then Laura remembered that she had in the car lies a couple of bottles of sparkling wine. Naturally, Jason is happy ran after them.

A photo from open sources

His girlfriend’s car was not parked very well. turn around the corner to a small side street. In the yard was uncomfortable, foggy and damp. The man immediately felt lonely and some strange alarm. He hastily opened the trunk of the car and easily found the right alcohol, but then … someone shouted it.

A few steps from the car stood a teenager of about fourteen. There was nothing unusual in his clothes and appearance, but his eyes … They were completely black (no proteins, no pupils, no rainbow shells), and how mirrors reflected the light of a street lamp. At first for a moment Jason thought it was some kind of addict with advanced pupils from opium, however the teenager behaved very soberly and calmly, and soon even asked to be led home.

Jason was very surprised at this request because the guy looked rather a predatory beast, squinting at its prey, than a lost child who needs to be led by the handle to mom. Yes these terrible black eyes … The man had to put his whole fist together their will to break away from their hypnotic effects and look away.

I have no time, said Jason, friends are waiting for me, what a teenager reacted again very strange again. He nodded his head. and then he added: here are my friends.

A photo from open sources

Two small children immediately emerged from the darkness, God, with such with black eyes. Moreover, as a startled scare noted an American who felt more and more like a fly floundering in a web, these children did not go, but literally sailed to the car: they did not crossed legs, and glided over the asphalt. It led Jason so terrified that he rushed headlong to the hotel.

A terrifying bestial moan was heard from behind him, as if bursting from the chest the pain of regret from lost prey. Not looking the fact that the man rushed from fear at an unbelievable speed, he heard that creepy children are not far behind him, moreover, with Jason there was a feeling that their fingers were scratching his back, trying grab the shirt.

Run away from black-eyed children – as soon as possible

Only running into the lobby of the hotel, the man found the strength look around: there was nobody on the street … when he, breathing heavily, without fault, ran into the room, for some reason he had no strength not only continue the party, but even tell your friends what happened. He never told them about this incredible story, but somewhat months later wrote a letter to Lon Strickler, accompanying his message by the following comment:

“I just need to tell someone all this, maybe then fear will leave me, and tell someone who believes, who doesn’t laugh at my phobia. Moreover, this story is by no means should be taken as instructions – how to behave with children with completely black eyes. However, I want to warn anyone who encounters such monsters: do not look at these scary eyes and run, run as soon as possible and faster! ”

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