Children with black eyes

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BEKs (Black Eyed Kids) – children with black eyes, modern American urban legend. On the web in recent years appears more and more reports of the victims of this phenomenon. It almost starts always the same: the doorbell rings and the owner is on the doorstep meets a child who asks for help – drink, call, toilet and so on. The main thing is that he wants to enter. However almost no one lets children in. Perhaps because their eyes represent one continuous pupil (hence the name), and perhaps because their face is slightly floating, as if tucked haze – children do not inspire pity, but a sense of animal horror. Some victims after contact with black-eyed children report that later they were repeatedly seen in the neighborhood and even in other areas of the city – they stood and looked at them with their black eyes. Sometimes in the open, sometimes hiding behind the trees. What will happen, if you let such a child into the house? There is a legend that one the man let in. A child with very black eyes stared at him. and stated that he no longer wants to use the toilet, he came to pick it up. The man ran out of the house, screaming in horror, and died of a broken heart.

When late at night a Texas-based journalist named Brian Bethel parked at the cinema, someone knocked on the glass of his car. Turning his head, Brian saw two boys of about twelve- thirteen. The first, taller, said the second was silent. It turns out they wanted to watch a movie, but forgot the money. A therefore, they are asked to give them a ride home. At first glance, the boys they looked completely normal: they were dressed plainly, their skin was pale, with olive shade. But despite this, Brian suddenly felt unexplained fear. Some kind of alarming thing worked in his soul alarm, nails glared at the steering wheel. By his own admission, something similar is experienced by a person who needs to instantly decide what to do – to fight or run. Something was wrong here, but the journalist could not understand what exactly. But what, in fact, is the matter? The boys want to quickly go home to mom for money. And here suddenly their eyes met. Only now Brian noticed their eyes – coal black. Not a pupil. Not an iris. Not a squirrel. Simply all black eyeballs! The irresistible primitive swept over him fear. Brian didn’t want to let the boys into the car, but he suddenly caught yourself on the fact that the hand itself is already reaching for the door handle so that it open! Fortunately, the journalist for a moment looked away from coal-black eyes, looked away. And then he pulled his hand from the door. With great difficulty, Brian managed to shake himself numbness and set off. He quickly looked around. Nobody! The sidewalk in front of the cinema was empty. Brian didn’t go back, but raced. If someone got in his way, he probably could not to slow down. Some time later, Brian went to his closest friend to Chad. Two women were visiting. By According to Chad, both of them possessed extrasensory perceptions. abilities. Brian just started his story by leaving a message about black eyes “for dessert” when one of the women suddenly interrupted him: “Did these kids have black eyes? I mean completely black? ”

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And, when Brian confirmed this, the woman said that on last week saw such people in a dream (or vision?): they wanted enter the house, but she did not let them in, but locked all the doors and windows. “I knew that if they came in, they would kill me. “And after a pause she she added: “And they would have killed you if you had let them into the car.” Even a few years later, Brian admitted that he was not sure. one hundred percent what happened to him that evening: “I believe that I was in danger, and I believe that she came from something extraordinary. What I experienced then was one of the worst events in my life. life, and I don’t have the slightest desire to come across a similar yet times. “After the story was published, Bethel received many questions and … stories about other similar cases. With every in the afternoon there are more and more of them. This usually happens in private homes. A knock on the door behind which a boy of years patiently waits 12. Sometimes this is a young man. Most often they walk in two. Sometimes children say that they urgently need to call and ask to let them in house, explain that they got lost. It is not known whether they let them in. anyone into the house, and how it ended. But it’s known that the adult was overcome with panic fear. And usually there was a feeling: something was wrong here. Ah, here it is – eyes! Children are persistent, do not ask, but almost demand that they let in. And they will never leave until the owner slams the door at them in front of the nose and will not hide in the house. For some reason, this is exactly turns out to be incredibly difficult. People say that someone saw such black-eyed in reality, and someone in a dream. Or in a way sleep Those who spoke with them have the impression that in fact, these “children” are much older than they look. Or maybe they are not children at all … They are looking for housing! October 2005 years, one such case was told by a 47-year-old woman named T, already 20 years working in the agency for the rental of apartments. In her responsibilities include showing free housing to potential tenants. Therefore, the experience of communicating with a variety of people her richest, intuition, one might say, infallible. But on that day she could not even force herself to make a step out of her office! The stranger knocked on the office door immediately after dinner. By the look he was about 17 years old or maybe 18. He came by bicycle. I asked Are there any apartments available? “I remember suddenly feeling creepy fear, barely seeing his eyes. I got goosebumps on my back, I just trembling! How much I work, but I don’t remember to be with me it happened at least once, says Ti. – I could not look him straight in the eyes. It seemed to me that now I’m going to die … He did not approach me, just stood outside the doorway and waited for me to invite him in or I’m going to watch a free apartment. He talked to me normally and I slammed the door in front of him and rushed away from there – where away. I had the feeling that I was in mortal danger. And all this is because of his eyes. If I looked in them a little longer, I probably would not have been able to close the door. A after that it shook for several more hours.

A photo from open sources Photo from the site:

A certain young lady who called herself Missy says that met with such a person – an adult – in the store where she drove after work to buy tea. Already heading for the exit, she stopped at the tables and sat down to sort out her things, because the car key fell somewhere on the bottom of the bag. And here suddenly she felt that someone was watching her. She looked around and met eyes with a stranger. Nothing unusual in his appearance was not – jeans, black shirt, light black jacket, almost black hair, light skin, with an olive tint. A here are the eyes … The eyes were “blacker than black, from edge to edge, completely without proteins. “” I felt the blackness around him, felt evil. And when I looked into his eyes, somehow I knew that in this the human body is not a man at all, and I felt that he knew that I understand that. And one more interesting detail. Near him there were three free tables, but people, not stopping, passed further. No one sat close to him. I have developed the impression that it amuses him, that he seems to be challenging to people and, in particular, to me: “Well, will you run away too?” I’m mentally she answered: “I am leaving because I was going to leave.” I felt, what is important is not to show him your fear, because he continued watch me. I wanted to run, but I walked. Quickly, but walked. I got into the car and drove away. It all scared me pretty much, but now I I know that in this world we are not alone, we share it with others – with nonhumans. “A couple from the bar Skip Panelioto works as a bartender in the wilderness of the desert state of Nevada. Once appeared in a bar well-dressed couple in black glasses. Bartender first nothing I didn’t think of this, I was just a little surprised: there are few people in the district, he knows most of them personally – studied at school together, and You can get here only by car, but these two did not come, but have come. And they asked me to drink something cold. Skip offered them beer. They smiled affably: “Beer? Let’s try a beer.” They sat at their table, silently, with interest examined the bar. A what is there to look at? Nothing interesting! Then they took off their glasses. Some time later, Skip came up to them and asked if they could bring whether more beer. And then for the first time I saw their eyes. All black. Neither pupils, no iris, no sclera – one black. Perplexed, Skip sympathetically asked: “Have you gone to the eye socket?” Female looked at the man in confusion, as if asking him what reply. And Skip again for his own: “What do you have with your eyes?” Both looked at the bartender with an unkind look, in which there was a detonating a mixture of hatred and fear. We got up and left. They looked 30 years old, dressed in black business suits. With the exception of the eyes, absolutely normal people. It was the hatred in their eyes that frightened Skip. AND the more he thought about it later, the more he felt fear. how did they get to this place in the desert if they didn’t have a car? What did you leave for? Where have you gone? Why paid with the newcomers bills, as if just printed? Why didn’t you tip? Why did the usual manifestation of participation cause them such a sharp reaction? Who are they? First assumption that comes on mind is a disease. Indeed, there are diseases that can affect the eyes and change their color. For example, with cataracts, associated with clouding of the lens, the color of the pupil changes. is he turns white. Often the iris is affected and then they merge with the color of the protein and the eyes turn white. When aniridia is affected the iris. It is either completely absent or becomes black and merges with the pupil, but again this does not affect the protein. there is disease – congenital partial or complete absence of rainbow shell. The eyes are colorless, but may look completely black ones. There is also a black sclera, but it is extremely rare. Moreover, this doesn’t explain the behavior of Black Eyed Kids and the fear which they cause in people when they appear. Skeptics (where already without them) believe that we are dealing with a rally. Young people insert black lenses and scare respectable citizens. Well, it can be assumed that some of the cases of this theory able to explain, but not all. It’s like crop circles. Several times people tried to recreate them. However, at the nearest when viewed, these man-made circles only remotely resembled real ones. A logical question arises: why are these creatures not trying to break into a house or car without an invitation? It is clear that with such persistence, they could very well have done such a try! But no, this does not happen. Those who are mystically tuned find their explanation: if it’s some kind of evil spirit, a vampire, demon, then it should be so. You must call him yourself into his home, and only then can he use his witchcraft power. Such superstition exists in many religions. But in that case, why to the evil spirit or demon to take the form of a child? Yes then to cause compassion. Well, what an adult will not regret having lost with way or something upset the boy and won’t let him to use the phone? And finally, there is another version: children with with black eyes – these are aliens. Or perhaps human hybrids and an alien. They are able to take on any appearance and influence the mind of people, causing uncontrollable emotions, including fear. And they give out exactly … black eyes. Those who sent them probably recommended that they meet people, communicate, enter homes, but categorically forbidden to break into without permission. And they can’t disobey their leaders. But what are they? Good or angry? P.S. No one ever told what happened after how he let the black-eyed into the house or car. And there may be two explanations: either the fear of meeting them is so great that nobody let them in or let them in, but after that nobody won’t tell anything …

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