China again noticed air ghost town

China once again noticed an air ghost townPhoto from open sources

In the People’s Republic of China noticed another ghost town soaring above the ground. Of course, if I reported it just one individual, then it would be possible to attribute everything to him hallucinations, however, thousands or even witnesses of the anomaly tens of thousands of people. In addition, a striking phenomenon recorded in the video. When the mysterious movie hit the World Wide Web, then immediately attracted the attention of web users from all over the planet.

Incredible ghost towns appear in thick smog over Chinese cities more and more. In the sky literally from “out of nowhere” suddenly grow distinct silhouettes of skyscrapers and towers. Local scientists believe that the blame for the catastrophic deterioration Ecology in the country. Factories and plants are thrown into the sky every morning smoke poisoned by various wastes. According to experts, with under certain conditions, particles of this smoke in the atmosphere can turn into peculiar lenses and project images real objects for many tens or even hundreds of kilometers.

A photo from open sources

Now a mysterious heavenly city has appeared in the city of Wuzhong, which is located in the central part of China. June 6th was held here heavy rain with a thunderstorm, and when the weather stopped, the townspeople instead of a rainbow in the sky, they saw a metropolis floating above the horizon. At the same time, the contours of aerial skyscrapers and towers looked too futuristic and little resembled the buildings familiar to the Chinese. what what is it if we discard the official version of scientists and officials about a mirage in dirty air? Real ghost town? Result opening a portal to a parallel world? Failed experiment governments to teleport an entire metropolis? Or something another?

Independent researchers are inclined to version of parallel worlds whose existence has long been proven even by orthodox science. Perhaps in China for some reason unknown to us the most favorable conditions are created for the breakthrough of such “mirage paintings” from other worlds. After all, such breakthroughs (mirage cities) are observed in other parts of the Earth, sometimes even more real than to the PRC, just in China this is happening recently time more and more often, which makes us think about what kind of conditions are created in this country for such contact with parallel worlds? ..

China Parallel Worlds

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