Chinese woman found her mother in a baby photo spouse

A Chinese woman found her mother in a child’s photograph of her husbandA photo from open sources

What coincidences do not happen in the world! And are there any coincidences? Newly married couple from Hangzhou, China in Zhejiang accidentally discovered that the way newlyweds indirectly intersected long before future the couple first met each other.

Twenty-five-year-old Liu Yiking examined children’s photos his new husband, thirty-year-old Zan Hedong, and suddenly I saw a woman in a red jacket on one of them. The girl immediately realized that in this picture her mother was captured. A photo was made in 2000. Then Hedong, how easy it is to calculate was only fourteen years old. It turns out that he and his future mother-in-law are both then visited a Buddha statue in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

What are the chances that in a state with a population of over a billion man is a boy and his future mother-in-law, living in different parts of the country, will be at the same time in the same place, while will be captured on a “common” picture?

A photo from open sources

The affected spouses immediately called mother Yikin and asked her if he visited the Buddha statue that day. The woman was surprised no less than her daughter and her husband. She is fast found her own photograph taken at the monument. “How is that may be? This is too much coincidence! “- said the mother-in-law. She she said that she was in Wuxi with her friends on the fifth day Chinese New Year. Of course, she didn’t even suspect then, that a few meters from her was her future son-in-law.

When future spouses meet not by chance – what is it?

Liu Yikin and Zan Hedong were introduced to each other by common friends last March. Since then, the Chinese have been in romantic relationship, and a little over a week ago they became legitimate husband and wife. According to the newlyweds, they immediately felt a kinship and decided for themselves that certainly get married.

A photo from open sources

An amazing story turned out to be very popular in Chinese social network “Sina Weibo”, from where it migrated to other World Wide Web resources. Site users saw in such an unexpected meeting a sign from above – it is possible that a meeting of future lovers was destined in advance by fate.

Note that a similar case occurred in 2010 in Canada. Fifty-year-old spouses, married for more than twenty years, talked about which of their peers they liked in childhood, and the head of the family said that his first love was a girl with whom he met at the age of eight in a montreal park rides. Among the old photographs of a man, even yellowed picture in which children eat cotton candy together. The wife looked at this photo and … was amazed to find out in the girl little oneself …


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