Chinese woman is already seventeen months pregnant

The Chinese woman is already seventeen months pregnantPhotos from open sources of

Everyone knows that a woman’s normal pregnancy nine month. Shorter periods are premature babies, some of which, despite the premature birth (there are many reasons for this), survive, especially with the modern level of medicine. For example, in in the Chinese town of Dongdong recently doctors saved a six-month the girl who before this, as having no chance of survival, grandmother has already buried.

Are there prolonged pregnancies? It turns out that yes. Ten-month-old children – this happens quite often, the rarest cases when mothers carry their children up to thirteen months. But Chinese woman Wang Shi from Hunan Province, China’s leading newspaper reports �”People’s Daily”, broke all world records, as pregnant for seventeen months and it’s not going to give birth until now. She became pregnant in February last year, doctors predicted that Wang Shi’s baby should appear on November 15th, but passed as they say, all the terms, and the woman will not be born in any way.

For several months now, Wang Shi has been under intense scrutiny. under the supervision of doctors, she is examined every week. Doctors in the fourteenth month of pregnancy, women wanted to make her a cesarean section, but to their surprise, the fetus was premature, and now, in the eighteenth month, not quite years to exit the womb of the mother. Doctors cannot explain this anomaly because Wang Shi feels great, the fruit, in general, is developing normal, but somehow very slowly …

According to Wang Shi, she was already tired of walking pregnant, but with her health is all right, and doctors promise her to have surgery in the nineteenth month of pregnancy, that is, no later than after month. It turns out that the Chinese woman is making her child eighteen months, that is, a period exactly two times higher normal. A real record worthy of the Book of Records Guinness!

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