Chinese woman memorized 220 thousand words English-Chinese dictionary

The Chinese woman memorized 220 thousand words of the English-Chinese dictionaryA photo from open sources

Chinese woman Li Yanghi managed to memorize the whole English-Chinese dictionary, which includes more than 220 thousand. words. Lee recently turned 51 years old. Since the Chinese woman is single mother self-educating son autistic, she needed extra cash for quality care for your child. To make money, Lee began to memorize the meaning of each word in a huge dictionary, consisting of 2548 pages! Since Lee works as a translator, skill it turned out to give an exact definition for almost every word very helpful. Although for this, starting in August 2013, a woman was forced to literally study a dictionary every day. This is a rare case, showing incredible performance. brain. Now a talented resident of China hopes to apply her acquired skill while participating in the Chinese game show “Brain”. The woman is sure that this will give her an additional incentive develop further. In addition to English, Lee may also fluent in Polish, Russian, Japanese, German and french languages. To succeed, a Chinese woman advises regardless of circumstances, always move towards intended goal!


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