Circles appeared on the Adyghe fields

Circles appeared on the Adyghe fieldsPhotos from open Sources The term crop circles refers to circles, rings and other geometric shapes that periodically formed on the agricultural fields of the planet by plants. This unusual phenomenon is considered to be tricks. aliens, however skeptics are sure that this is the work of people, wanting to become famous thanks to mystification.

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In the Republic of Adygea, a local farmer was confused, when I saw mysterious circles on the field. Sergey Anisimov from Giaginsky municipal district early in the morning found them on his wheat field. Circles have a perfect shape and diameter from seven to thirteen meters. The landowner does not know where these figures came from, since the guard did not notice anyone at night on private land.

A photo from open sources

The ears are reportedly wrinkled clockwise. Two the largest circles have even half a meter in their midpoints cylindrical holes. Four circles have a smaller midpoint on the contrary, they are islands of pristine ears. By According to the farmer, to manually perform such manipulations with wheat was would be very difficult – in any case, this would require a whole a team with specialized equipment that does not go unnoticed would stay. Moreover, all this was done at night, which is generally unreal for people!

A photo from open sources

According to Sergey, a couple hundred hectares of trampled cereal on a common the amount of the crop, of course, will not be affected. Specialists from Adygea State University examined the mysterious circles and said that similar This is not the first time that a phenomenon has been observed in the republic – for the last decade crop circles also appeared in Maykop and Shovgenovsky areas. To say exactly why crops occur mystical geometric figures, scientists cannot.

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