Clairvoyant Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill is not considered a clairvoyant, like Nostradamus or Wange, he did not leave written prophecies and did not broadcast about upcoming events. However, his whole life testifies that British statesman and politician possessed a special gift, and not just predicted, but saw the future.

17-year-old prophet Churchill

A photo from open sources

Winston Churchill was born into a wealthy aristocratic family that already in itself made it possible to become a prominent figure British society. And young Winston strove for this. 17 year old a student at the prestigious Harrow School in 1891 declared: “The world is waiting terrible shocks. Britain will be threatened by foreign intrusion. I will be at the head of the country, save London, save Britain, save the empire. ”

It could be attributed to youthful bragging, if only not to know that everything will be so. And then the words of the beardless youth acquire a completely different meaning. It was not bravado, it was prophecy.

Journalist officer

After graduating from military school, the younger lieutenant Churchill went serve. Thanks to family ties, he received an appointment in part, involved in hostilities. For 5 years he took part in 5 wars, combining military service with military correspondent.

His publications were not just descriptive, he made a thorough analysis of the situation and made bold predictions for the future, predicting the consequences of the adoption by the military and politicians of those or other decisions. His predictions were always accurate and error-free. The infantry lieutenant turned out to be far-sighted venerable politicians!

Having made a name for himself, a fearless officer and a talented military Churchill journalist resigned and went into politics.

Technical prophet

Churchill, as a statesman, has always been somewhat steps ahead of everyone. His position and decisions were often incomprehensible to others, but later it always turned out that his position was right, the decision was the only right one.

Churchill initiated in 1912 the creation of a new type of battleships. The project was so successful that ships of this type sailed in The British Navy is 36 years old.

His decision in the 1920s to transfer the entire fleet from coal to liquid fuel, all was taken with hostility. The military resisted: coal in There is England, no oil. How can you make the fleet dependent on supplies from? And if the supplier takes the side of the enemy? Parliament was hysterical when Churchill demanded 2.2 million. pounds for the repurchase of a controlling stake in Anglo-Iranian Oil company. But in the end, who was right?

Churchill founded naval aviation, modernized the fleet and became the “godfather” of tanks, which were originally called the “quirk Winston. ”

A politician with amazing intuition

He fiercely fought for the destruction of Bolshevik Russia. Can to say that Churchill was the only one of the world politicians who understood what global consequences for the whole world would have October events of 1917 in Petrograd.

A photo from open sources

He vehemently opposed the rebuilding of Germany and already at the beginning 30s warned the world about the dangers of fascism. Learning in 1938 about The Munich Agreement, Churchill said that war is already inevitable, and in the summer of 1939 – that it will begin even before they finish collecting the crop.

Contemporaries talked about Churchill’s amazing ability add the whole picture from separate fragments and make on it based on the right conclusions. However in separate statements of winston There is no way to explain the talent of the analyst.

Beyond Analysis

Before World War I, he wrote about cordless phones, connecting people in various parts of the world. In 1924 Churchill wrote about an orange-sized bomb that could destroy the whole city. She will not be dumped from the plane, but will fly to an aircraft without a pilot guided automatically.

Often, according to eyewitnesses, Churchill made decisions, relying on an incomprehensible “hunch”. Sometimes at the cost of such a decision was a human life.

In 1942, during a reception on Downing Street sounded air alert. Prime Minister calmly remained in chair, did not budge and none of the guests. Suddenly churchill rushed into the kitchen and ordered all workers to go down immediately in the bomb shelter. A few minutes after leaving the kitchen the last man, she was smashed to pieces by a fallen bomb.

Another time, inspecting the anti-aircraft units protecting London, he I didn’t get in my usual place in the car. The car came under shelling, the seat that Churchill usually occupied was literally torn apart by fragments.

Churchill’s important prediction

Churchill was apparently one of the few who sometimes the curtain was opened, hiding the future. However he did not a prophet, but skillfully used it for the benefit of himself and his homeland, successfully solving the urgent tasks of Great Britain. That was his a choice.

For us, one of his few prophecies, written in early 50s: “There will be no Third World War, since each understands that her result will be horror and destruction, scale which you can’t even imagine. “Let’s hope that the clairvoyant Churchill was not mistaken.

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