Clairvoyants in the service of the Pentagon

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Have the security services ever tried to attract cooperation psychics, mediums and clairvoyants? Is there really any doubt about that? Attracted, attracted and will attract. But it’s clear that everyone such a case becomes a state secret kept by the family locks. And seldom, very seldom facts of attraction by special services mediums are made public. So just recently declassified details of the operation “Winter Harvest” carried out Pentagon Ground Intelligence Directorate in 1981.

Abducted General of NATO

December 17, 1981 in Verona (Italy) at about 17:30 to the apartment US Brigadier General James Dozier called. “Who’s there?” -“Plumber”. The locks clanged. However, there were four people least resembling workers. General tried resist, but got a blow to the head and fell silent.

The general’s wife, who was screaming in horror, was tied up with a gag in her mouth. locked in the bathroom. They also tied the dozier, sealed their mouth with tape. Through for several minutes, four men carried a large chest out of the house, loaded him into a blue Fiat and drove off in an unknown direction.

The abduction of the general caused a stir in Washington. Not gone just a senior military officer and deputy chief of staff NATO ground forces in southern Europe! The first version was “tricks KGB “, but in the evening it became known that the abduction carried out “Red Brigades” is an underground left-wing radical organization.

This news could not be called good – “brigadists” had the fame of decisive and cool guys: in 1978 they abducted prominent Italian politician Aldo Moro and after 54 days returned it in the trunk of a car with 11 holes in the chest.

At a joint meeting, representatives of the Pentagon, the CIA and special services solved the question of who will be involved in the search for the kidnapped general. Everyone kicked back because the chances of a successful completion of the operation were minimal. Most likely, they will find a corpse – and this is guaranteed retirement and end of career. Therefore, when the head of the department US Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine He proposed his candidacy, no one objected.

General Warlock

General received unlimited authority and guarantee of support secret services of Italy. At his disposal was transferred technical team led by the “electronic intelligence mage” Edward Malpas. However Stubblebine himself is the main bet in future I didn’t do searches on intelligence agents or on technical experts, and on clairvoyants, the so-called sensitivities.

Stubblebine was among the co-workers glory of an eccentric. In addition to scientific and he was interested in all kinds of technical innovations: clairvoyants, telekinesis and seriously dreamed of creating super-soldiers, able to pass through walls.

The subordinates quietly laughed at him and called Chief Sorcerer. So Stubblebine decided to prove that his interest in the paranormal can be quite applied, the operation to save Dozier was to be his triumph.

Specialized psychics

On the eve of the new 1968, the New York Times asked its readers to send predictions of themselves in their opinion important events, which will happen in the coming year. The editors received several bags of letters. The authors fantasized in all.

But what readers perceived as fun was actually large-scale project of the Central Bureau of Forecasts. One year later Bureau staff reread all letters and took note of the authors most accurate predictions. After several such cycles, they had a list of people who possessed the gift of clairvoyance. It is to the pulp and paper industry and Stubblebine asked for help.

To all delivered psychics, the Sorcerer arranged an “exam for professional suitability. “From several dozen clairvoyants he selected five. This five was supposed to be his “eyes” in the operation, dubbed “Winter Harvest.”

Finding Dozier

Each clairvoyant received maps of Italy, photographs of Dozier and began to regularly dive into trance. In late December, one of psychics “saw” the stable with the captive, the second – the house, the third – the intersection of roads near the house, the fifth specified that the house is surrounded stone fence, mountains are not far visible. From small pieces formed a mosaic.

The artist drew from these descriptions a picture that was transferred to the Italian secret services. The Italians chuckled: “Yes, we have there are tens of thousands of such estates, “but they began to search.

By mid-January, a similar home was found. In the neighborhood pulled several hundred carabinieri, surrounded the estate and “took it by storm.” However, in a stable on a bed of straw instead of a general, a sheep lay. Italian newspapers came out with mocking headlines.

Stubblebine was called on the rug to the authorities. It is not known which Stubblebine cited his arguments as an excuse, but he left the office with shoulder straps and still the head of the operation. And again the sorcerers’ psychics stared at the map of Italy for hours, trying “see” the abducted general.


In the twenties a ray of hope flashed. One of the clairvoyants is not just saw a house with red tiles, but also named the place – the outskirts Padua. Italian intelligence services combed the city, and a day later The sorcerer knew the exact address. In order not to be mistaken a second time (one more failure will not be forgiven him!) Stubblebine ordered every sensitive drive in the car past the house and each psychic confirmed: “Yes, the general is here and he is still alive. “And hereafter, clairvoyants as if it jumped: they didn’t identify the apartment number or floor could.

Stubblebine was in a difficult situation: to search all apartments contract? Until the turn comes to the one where the general hid, the kidnapped will be killed, and the corpse will have time to cool. For three days, the agents observed behind the house, but to determine in which apartment Doziera is still not could. It was dangerous to pull further: terrorists could at any moment detect the surveillance and take the general to another place, or simply to kill.

Good operative Edward Malpas

The commander of the technical group found a way out of the difficult situation. Edward Malpas, who was previously out of work and suffered from it. The solution he proposed was simple and elegant.

A man in the form of an electric company appeared in the house. He is not hurriedly walked through the floors and rewrote the readings of all the counters. It was a very common procedure, the house was equipped electric stoves and the company often checked whether all tenants honestly pay for the electricity they consume.

An hour later, Melpas, determined the apartment in which the expense electricity did not match the number of officially resident there are people in it. The simplest calculation showed that it had two people more. Satisfied Edward reported the results to StubbleBine: “Clairvoyants are wonderful, but a good operative is also sometimes It can be useful”.

Harvest “Winter Harvest”

January 28 just before dawn 10 Italian employees NOCS special forces cautiously entered the house, climbed site of the second floor and stopped at the right door. One of them with using a portable flaw detector I checked the door: “Alarm, there’s no additional constipation. “Then he took out a spray can, generously poured it door hinges and oil lock, squatted down and carefully inserted into Keyhole lock pick.

The lock clicked softly, the door opened. “Forward!” – special forces soldiers ran around the apartment. In one of the rooms, barefoot in a sportswear suit gagged handcuffed to bed lying on bed General Dozier. The whole operation took several seconds.

Four terrorists, machine guns, were captured in the apartment plastic explosives, grenades and personal “brigade” wound affairs on prominent Italian politicians – objects of the future stocks. President Ronald Reagan Congratulates Pentagon Military On brilliantly completed operation. On the participation of people with not a word was said by paranormal abilities.

Subsequently, under the pressure of journalists who managed to unearth details of Operation Winter Harvest, Pentagon representatives admitted to attracting sensitives, but clarified that “it did not give a positive effect.” According to the military details it was not necessary for civilians to know operations.

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