Clones of people have long existed?

On the Internet, the information that
in the world long ago there are clones of people who live unnoticed
next to us – and we, of course, just do not notice them. Yes, and how
can you notice them? ..

Not so long ago, a video appeared on the World Wide Web (see
the first part below) with the performance of hip-hop star Lil Buu, where this
the famous singer admits that in reality he
a cloned person created by the Canadian company Clonaid.
And the clone, allegedly already the second generation, is very convincing
tells about all this, however, in order to listen to him,
need to know english …

In a nutshell it sounds like this:

All Lil Buu cloning procedures took place in Canada, according to
Clonaid’s system is assigned a specific number
(Lil Buu refused to call him). Pr this all his memories about
life in a real body, given to him by Mother Nature, has been erased by
the initiative of specialists so that the past does not conflict with the present.
At the same time, the singer assures the client that he chooses what to erase, and
what to keep in memory, although, of course, in this process
take part and psychologists of the company.

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