Cloud-shaped clouds appear and multiply over Irkutsk

Clouds in the form of rings appear and multiply over IrkutskA photo from open sources

On the World Wide Web, and, the most popular is the event received for some reason in the English-language segment of the Internet, fast video about strange cloud circles over Irkutsk.

Since this Siberian city is quite large and modern, then anomaly in the sky was removed by many of its inhabitants. Strange in this case seems a lot:

  • firstly, two clouds in the form of white rings, as if “stuck together” from curly cloud formations or connected from tracks jet planes appeared immediately – as if from nowhere. All videos first demonstrate this particular pair;
  • secondly, soon a third circle appears in the sky, it’s like manifests itself on a blue surface – again “out of nowhere”;
  • thirdly, all assumptions of what it is do not give scientific explanation of such a strange heavenly phenomenon.

A photo from open sources

According to local media reporters, residents began calling editorial staff and ask what is it? But among newspaper workers and television did not answer such a question. They, however, right there contacted the observatory of Irkutsk State University, but scientists men, in particular, the director of this unit of the university, Sergei Yazev assured that aircraft or drones could leave such traces.

The only thing that remains unclear is why and how the military the pilots so skilfully painted the sky over Irkutsk (not to mention UAV owners). However, we clarify that the Russian Air Force does not confirmed the scientists’s guess, they, as it turned out, are completely none at what.

And then scientific hypotheses about lenticular clouds, possible disruptions in cloud formation due to natural cataclysms and so on. Meanwhile, Internet users made their assumptions, for example, about the reasonableness of clouds, UFOs, glitch in the matrix and even agreed to the Chinese coronavirus, although from which side he can stick here, is completely incomprehensible. But today we have almost all the news corrected by “sauce” coronavirus from the Middle Kingdom.

A photo from open sources

It was somewhat surprising that foreign resources immediately remembered all similar cloud anomalies that have occurred in the last five years in Russia. In particular, the most striking cloud education appeared over Moscow in 2018, presumably on Andropov Avenue (see photo above). Huge cloud shaped saucers then hovered over a high-rise building of 19 floors, causing, as say English-speaking Internet users, a real panic among Muscovites. Muscovites themselves do not remember a panic, some of those who witnessed the event mark him as funny case, a kind of small show of nature or aliens, and no more Togo.

Note that even today the residents of Irkutsk showed more curiosity about the appearance of ring-shaped clouds in the sky than concern. Maybe that’s why the video about UFOs and other anomalies in Russia appear on the Internet quite rarely, according to estimates Western experts are ten times less likely than, say, in the United States. Are the same aliens not interested in our country? Rather Russians are not very interested in (and even more so – scare) aliens and their tricks …

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