Clouds of Van Gogh in the sky above Mount Pisga North Carolina

Van Gogh clouds in the sky above Mount Pisg North CarolinaA photo from open sources

Sometimes the clouds are simply amazing. And no matter how composed about them fiction fiction and lovers of all kinds of speculation, attributing to them some sign phenomena or even rationality, in reality generous with such amazing demonstrations Mother nature.

And because the clouds sometimes take truly bizarre forms, colors and patterns that are not characteristic of ordinary cloudy formations. For example, over North Carolina recently American photographer shot clouds that are more like pictures created using photoshop than natural natural phenomena. Over Mount Pisga, which is located in Asheville USA, there were such bewitching and even slightly scary clouds, who are named after the scholars Hermann von Helmgol and Lord Kelvin, who were the first to describe them scientifically, proving that such tubular formations appear in the sky by the reason for the interaction of two horizontal air layers, differing in temperature, density and speed.

Also these mysterious formations are called Van Gogh clouds, since the great Dutch artist depicted them in a picture “Starry Night”, apparently amazed at the beauty and fantastic the quirkiness of this natural phenomenon is no less than every eyewitness of this anomaly.

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