Coming out of a coma, an English pensioner spoke Welsh

A photo from open sources

As a child, he lived in Wales, but Welsh never enjoyed . 81-year-old Alan Morgan from the town of Batwick, that in the English county of Somerset, he threw another doctor a riddle and once again proved that modern medicine is still extremely weak versed in the secrets of the human brain. Recovering from a coma, following a heart attack, he was surprised to find that speaks Welsh. Although before linguistic I didn’t notice my abilities and only spoke English language. In childhood, Alan, however, lived for several years during the war. grandmother in Wales, but he remembers very well that he never learned Welsh, although, of course, he understood it a little. Right now suddenly spoke fluently on him. Doctors put Alan Morgan diagnosis of aphasia, a brain disease in which that part of it that is responsible for speech is affected. For most aphasia causes problems with speech and reading ability, but in a small part, it causes a surge in language skills. Doctors believe that the attack suppressed his memories of English language and how would he make the Welsh language that he heard in childhood, but which he never spoke, the main language. Alan Morgan I had to actually re-learn English. Native language it was given to him with great difficulty, but in the end, patience triumphed, and now he speaks English again. As for Welsh language, writes the Daily Mail, then he again went into the depths brain. Now Morgan hardly remembers him.

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