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Sometimes it’s hard for us to imagine how limitless the possibilities are. the human body. And when we see some amazing abilities in a person, then we think that he is somehow special, not like everyone else.

In fact, this is not entirely true, such a person in fact not ordinary, but his abilities are not taken from somewhere outside, but from the possibilities of his own physical body and spirit. And this body, in In principle, it is not much different from everyone living on earth. So why are some people able to, say, instantly multiply six-digit numbers either see with closed eyes, or else even walk on fire, not be afraid of cutting and piercing objects, read minds, fly, and that’s it the rest are not?

So a compasser can draw a perfect circle with his hand without help of any tool. How he does it? He himself this does not know. He just takes a pencil or felt-tip pen in his hand, a little configurable (included in some trance), and then easily draws perfect circle.

Please note that everyone who has some amazing superpowers, before demonstrating them, certainly set up, that is, it turns off the mind – and then without seemingly impossible to do labor. It is turning off the mind in First of all, they teach in martial arts. It – paramount, and the battle technique itself is secondary.

So, we repeat: all these amazing opportunities are not scooped from somewhere outside, but from the physical body and spirit. Everyone’s body earthling is not much different from the body of a human phenomenon, but the spirit … Draw a conclusion, gentlemen!

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