Confused doctors: Armenian girl cries crystals

Doctors are confused: Armenian girl cries with crystalsA photo from open sources

Satenik Ghazaryan discovered at 22-year-old Armenian girl unusual disease. The real ones are coming out of her eyes crystals.

Every day, small crystals, which a day can form up to 30 pieces. According to the girl, her life turned into a real hell.

Sateni previously turned to an ophthalmologist and neuropathologist, however after the prescribed drugs she became even worse, and the treatment had to to stop.

Deputy Minister of Health Hovhannes Harutyunyan said that in the near future, the assembled consultation of doctors will discuss the reasons this disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

It is known that this case is not unique in the world medical Practice: Similar diseases have been reported in Lebanon and Brazil. Doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of the girl – cystinosis, which speaks of a congenital metabolic disorder of amino acids, while in cystine crystals form in the body.

Andrey Vetrov

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