Constantly sneezing girl

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The process of sneezing gives a person a certain pleasure, it is no coincidence that snuff is used in the world for these purposes. However, if a person begins to sneeze too often and involuntarily, it is already beyond pleasure and is already characterized as sign of a disease.

But can sneezing be not a sign, but a disease itself, even strange and rarest in the world? It turns out yes. Just such a fantastic disease hit a young American from Texas the city of Angleton. Caitlin Thornley sneezes constantly – a few thousand times a day.

At first, the girl’s parents decided that the teenager was just allergic in connection with the onset of spring (Caitlin’s disease manifested itself at the beginning this year), however, days, weeks, months went by, and malaise did not passed, moreover, the girl sneezed more and more often, sometimes before twelve thousand times a day. This does not allow her to walk in school, chat with peers.

Surprisingly, Caitlin does not sneeze only when she is sleeping or listening your favorite Beatles songs. Other music doesn’t help, and all the rest tricks are also useless.

Parents showed the girl the most outstanding medical US luminaries, but they could not find the reason for such a strange disease, and therefore prescribe any medication for it. The only thing doctors say with confidence is not a virus and not allergy. How to cure a teenager, they do not know yet.

By the way, such strange diseases appear at different points lands, puzzling doctors. For example, Frenchwoman Marine Richard of Toulouse does not tolerate Wi-Fi and other similar radiation gadgets, she has a terrible allergy to them, due to which she is even recognized disabled and assigned a pension of 650 euros. I think if doctors do not find a cure for sneezing Caitlin Thorneley, then she will also have to recognize as disabled, since with such a disease she will not be able to study, nor work later on.

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