Contactor Nancy Leader, BP and 2012

A photo from open sources

Once upon a time, in faraway America, in a rural outback, a little girl was born who was called Nancy … The girl grew up in village and played with her peers, was a normal healthy child, well, at least the measure seemed so to everyone.

Neither childhood friends, nor, subsequently, parents, nothing strange not noticed in an ordinary village girl. Time passed, thoughts in all sorts of head came, values ​​changed, and the child grew up and turned into a pretty pretty woman who lived her calm life. Super career Nancy Leader, and this is about she didn’t. A typical representative of the middle class, with mediocre earnings, tired of household chores and views of endless series, decides to suddenly change his life, and in the most unusual way! Being in pre-retirement the age, the heroine of our article and many other Internet resources, Nancy Leader, decides that she deserves more and suddenly “recalls” that in childhood she communicated with aliens. Many communicated. “Memories” by Nancy Leader, as you would expect come back gradually, while neighbors and acquaintances listen excitingly, drooling and goggling: about genetic experiments on people, about good and bad UFOs, about a mysterious planet that flies to bury us earthlings, about intergalactic unions and about much more. Nancy calls his childhood friends Zetas or Zetas and says that after so many years they finally decided to make it his messenger. So, in 1993, we suddenly got a mediator between green men and people who, in addition, gained a large army of followers … Nancy Leader, thanks his well-read and repeated viewing of the series “Star The Way, “in just a few years, is becoming very famous and a popular person in America: well, surely, because she declares with the TV screen that she had a special implanted in her brain a transmitter that allows her to communicate with UFO pilots and she special mission. It is, first of all, about an emergency dramatic denouement, namely the global catastrophe about which it should warn humanity. Back in 1997, Nancy talked about the structure of the world and the universe, about the upcoming “end of the world” for of humanity, if we do not change, although similar predictions full of media, and the newly arrived “prophets” appear here and there, carrying panic for particularly suspicious individuals of the human race. Did she say Nancy Leader about dates? Well, of course, and repeatedly changing them, like she was comfortable. The universal catastrophes caused by Planet X Nancy Leader and her website “ZetaTalk” promised back in 2003. The predictions of the “space missionary” were supposedly based on pictures mysterious celestial body captured by amateur astronomers in 2001 year. The body was called Planet X or Nibiru (according to Sumerian legends), and threatened to bring to our planet BP, no more less expressed in the language of modern apocalyptics. But the world is not worth it in place and books, discs with chatter and brochures about the upcoming end light, the presence of aliens among us and intergalactic experiments, it was necessary to continue to sell, because American pension to travel around the country, in order to distribute interviews, it became sharply missed. Thank you, turned up on time fresh Mayan calendar decryption, which you could easily bind to existing “theories”. Income today from sales “predictions” Nancy Leader let her and her family live comfortably and carefree on your estate. She prophesies her already done, doomsday and according to her version should be in 2012 year …

Life End of the World

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