Cool shot: Photo of a fire tornado blew up the internet

Cool shot: Photo of a fire tornado blew up the InternetA photo open source Missouri resident Janea Koplin, seeing a column of fire in the sky, was not taken aback, but captured an amazing sight on her phone and uploaded the photo to social steppe “Instagram “. The picture in a matter of hours became real hit and scored thousands of views. As it turned out, “firenad” as dubbed the phenomenon astonished social network users appeared in the result of setting fire to one of the farmer’s fields – a process pre-sowing work.

A photo from open sources

Fiery Tornado in Missouri. © Janea Copelin | Instagram”Fiery devils” are quite common in agricultural fall season. Jeremy Sullens, Analyst the dynamics of fires from the National Inter-Agency Firefighter the center explains that a fiery vortex is formed due to the fact that an area of ​​powerful heat emanating from the fire creates a wind vortex, which begins to rotate and assumes a vertical oblique position. As a result, a vertical funnel forms in the air, which draws fire into itself.

A photo from open sources

Fire Tornado in Hungary, 2011. © Viktor Veres / Blikk | Reuters Often farmers set fire to their fields from the corners: this method helps minimize the damage that fire will cause to the fence, and limits the spread of bollards. However, in this case, in the center field, a high temperature section and upward movement are formed air – excellent conditions for the formation of a fiery vortex. A beautiful, but at the same time terrible phenomenon accompanied the most major fires and disasters in human history: the Great London fire of 1666, burning Moscow of 1812, the Great Chicago fire in 1871, a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima in 1945 and others. The first fiery whirlwind officially documented by scientists, was spotted in Canberra, Australia in 2003.

Australia Fires

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