Cork barrel won

The conquered barrelA photo from open sources

The most interesting achievement of the past 2014, which hit the Guinness Book of Records, became a barrel of bottle caps – unique mosaic created in tandem by Russian and French artists.

Sergei Sidorov and Elvir Razizov presented their fantastic mosaic in the summer of 2014 at the annual French wine festival. Them a six-meter composition of traffic jams “Giant barrel” appeared on the embankment of the French town of Bordeaux and literally amazed everyone those present – guests and participants of the festival. Unique barrel turned out to be not just huge and magnificent collected from traffic jams, it was also artistically “painted” by them, that is, on it depicts views of Bordeaux and St. Petersburg, the ancient Greek gods and much more.

A photo from open sources

The authors of “Giant Barrel” spent on it almost three hundred thousand bottle caps and three hundred kilograms of glue. Their mosaic the composition occupied an area of ​​one hundred and fifty square meters.

On the Guinness Book of Records portal, the best achievements of the year today determined by site visitors. First they select the five most unique “events” of the year, then the determination of the best among the finalists. In 2014, she won the final victory. Russian-French cork mosaic, namely – “Giant barrel”.

Want to see how a cork barrel was created and who helped To Sergey and Elvir in the implementation of their original idea, – to your video services.

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