Correct Slavic kres: meaning

Slavic cross is an amazing amulet that allows a person to change not only the external circumstances of life, but also his own character. The amulet will become a helper for anyone striving for a better life.

Slavic kres

Slavic kres: interpretation

The guardian kres appeared in Russia already in the 11th century. After the general transition to Christianity, the influence of the Byzantine Empire on the Slavic way of life increased. Icons from Constantinople appeared in every rich house, and unusual charms and beliefs appeared in the houses of poor peasants.

One of these amulets was kres. Together with the talisman itself, the legend about the magical power of this sign came to Russia.

The Slavs believed that the cross symbolizes the power of 5 gods at once: each of the crossbeams of two crosses superimposed on each other, as well as the beginning uniting them, pointed to them.

  1. The first deity helped people during the war. It awakened patriotism in a person, a desire to defend the homeland and the ruler.
  2. The second idol protected the owner from visible and invisible enemies. No arrows, no sword, no corruption could destroy or harm.
  3. The third power of kres is the Slavic god of wealth and security. He protected not only the owner, but also his entire family and house.
  4. The fourth deity helped to cope with anger, hatred and envy. Thanks to the influence of a powerful patron, a person became kinder and better.
  5. The fifth goddess is the unifying principle. It keeps all 4 forces in one talisman, prevents them from drying out. The queen personifies wisdom: she enhances or diminishes the influence of each god, depending on external circumstances and the fate of the owner.

Thanks to the powerful combination of 5 divine helpers, kres has a phenomenal magical effect on humans. It is suitable for adults only. Large amulets are recommended for men, and smaller and graceful ones for women.

If a person is not ready for a serious invasion of idols into his life, then the amulet will not stay with such a master.

The fact that the power of the amulet is too great is symbolized by the loss or theft of the kres.

kres slavic correct image

The value of the amulet

The charm of the cross affects life in different ways. To accurately determine the meaning of an amulet, you need to pay attention to its appearance and material. The shape of the amulet is important for determining the meaning of the symbol, while the size only affects the strength of the effect of the cres on a person's life.

Depending on the appearance

The following types of talisman are especially popular:

  • With thin crossbars of two crosses superimposed on each other. Such a talisman symbolizes the improvement of several areas of life at the same time. The owner will notice that his income has increased, the fear of change has disappeared, and a life partner has appeared, ready to share the difficulties and joys. A complex impact on a person's life will be the key to happiness.
  • With wide crossbeams of one of the crosses. Such a crush will help in times of financial and career problems. A person will find additional sources of income and helpers in the person of close friends. However, to rebuild life will have to make a lot of effort.
  • Kres without runic designations is a sign indicating getting rid of past mistakes. The owner of the amulet will be able to clear his reputation, while retaining experience. The lessons learned from life will be useful in the future, while the feeling of shame, guilt or resentment for the past will go away.
  • A round amulet made of crosses that are not separated from each other will affect a person's personality. The owner will notice that his positive character traits become stronger with moral choices, and negative qualities will rarely appear. This will allow you to establish relationships with others, as well as achieve understanding in communicating with loved ones.
  • The square armchair with undivided crossbeams attracts fortune to life. Small random events will lead to more significant events being more successful.

Depending on the material

The material from which the correct kres is made determines which area of ​​life the amulet will affect to the greatest extent.

  • A charm made of wood – to quick changes in your personal life. The person will notice that his significant other understands him better. Harmony will appear in the couple, as the beloved will pay more attention to each other's needs, and the amount of time spent together will increase.
  • The metal amulet has a particular impact on one's career. Thanks to kres, a person will be able to more accurately fulfill his duties. Also, softness will disappear, thanks to which colleagues will not be able to shift part of the work to the owner of the talisman.
  • The synthetic materials from which the amulet is created will help a person to overcome difficulties on the way to the goal. Thanks to the persistence that appears, the owner will quickly complete the previously assigned tasks, which will be the reason for success.
  • If the carcass is made of precious metal, then its influence will spread primarily to the environment of the owner. Among the comrades, only those who are truly loyal to their master will remain. Casual people and envious people will quickly disappear from life, thanks to which a circle of true friends is formed.
  • A cross decorated with stones has a positive effect on a person's worldview. Long-term exposure will change the pessimistic attitude to positive expectations, which will further lead to changes in thinking.

How to activate and strengthen the crush

In order to activate the amulet, you need to prepare several large bills and an image with a deep desire. It can be a drawing or a printed picture, the main thing is that the illustration is in color.

First you need to stand by the window on the east side and hold the amulet in your right fist. Then say loudly: 'I invoke the five gods, whose power has no end. Let many centuries pass without removing the crown from the head. ' Then you need to put an image on the windowsill, and on it a crush.

Closing your eyes, whisper: 'Glory to your strength, respect to your power. Fulfill my desire, then I will believe in your abilities. '

The illustration must be kept until the wish is fulfilled. If more than 2 months have passed since the ritual, and the dreams have not come true, then the initiation process must be repeated. Activation also needs to be done every time a person's goals change.

Kres is an extraordinary amulet that gives everyone the opportunity to change their life or character. Thanks to the influence of the Slavic symbol, the distant past and the present are connected: 5 gods regain their former power, while modern man achieves the desired goals. The process of succession as well as the union of the deities make the amulet incredibly powerful.

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