Corruption and evil eye. Definition and signs of eye and spoilage

Damage and the evil eye. Definition and signs of the eye and damagePhotos from open sources

The terms evil eye and damage have already been fixed mystical meanings, and fight it, at least useless. Corruption, the evil eye is a kind of verbal and non-verbal exposure. The brain is a kind of biological A computer that can be programmed for specific reactions. In the human body, the mental and physical are closely interconnected.

It is known that the criterion of truth is experience. But absolute there are no truths, but there are only models. Models in force and inactive. Those that explain the phenomena of the world around us more successfully and those that are less …

It is believed that electric current is a directional movement charged particles. How many of us have seen them in everyday life? But the light is on – it means the model is operational. Nowadays adopted a model according to which, electrons move from the “minus” to “plus”. And once there was a model according to which everything was the other way around. IN in the end, it doesn’t matter what the “current” electric current is, but the model now adopted conveniently explains a lot. She is therefore accepted, which is more convenient.

There are no models right and wrong. More preferable use another criterion: current and inactive models. Or acting better and worse. In the end, better sincerely to believe that the Earth stands on three pillars, which generally does not to think about.

Let us return to experience as a criterion of truth. Fact is considered scientifically held, as you know, if the experience made by someone once, can be repeated under similar conditions and with the same results. In other words, what is done by one, the other also can repeat if she does the same.

Based on this, we can firmly say that what is in everyday life called “pointing and removing spoilage and the evil eye,” exists really.

Only we will call it in another way: action destructive psychological instructions. It can be done randomly, artisanally, professionally. Professionally possible do using Erickson’s hypnosis techniques, suggestive linguistics and phonosemantics. It’s more convenient to approach hypnosis, spoilage, evil eye from the standpoint of materialism, rather than with the position of mysticism – hence another terminology. However, terminology is just more convenient to leave the old, “mystical”.

Many will probably agree with the well-known rule of logic: to define an unknown concept through the unknown. If so fill the vacuum in some area, it is better not to fog.

Spoiling is usually understood as powerful verbal (verbal) psychological message with the wish for harm to a specific to a person or group of people. Evidence of evil eye means powerful wishing another person harm by non-verbal (non-verbal) behavior, that is, a look, facial expressions, gestures. Skillful guidance the evil eye is more related to acting. Describing how the evil eye is made, it can be difficult to “decompose shelves “all the mimic characteristics. This is the very case when it’s easier to show than to tell.

Of course, with bullying with the evil eye, and even more so for more harmful effects need to be tapped numerous facial and pantomime techniques.

Damage (psychological blow) as well as physical blow, you can “flip” and “transfer” to the one who hit first. I spoil and the evil eye, as a psychic (hypnotic) phenomenon, is removed with psychological attitudes (hypnosis). “The wedge is kicked out with a wedge.”

Phonosemantic formulas of corruption are dangerous when skillfully apply. Phonosemantics, hypnosis, psychological impact – this only a gun. Knowledge of corruption is just knowledge. Any gun and any knowledge can be used both for good and for harm.

How can this be applied? Probably the easiest and most a well-known trick of spoiling is the use of a “not” particle in combined with the fact that you abruptly say something “by the arm.”

Try, for example, to suddenly shout to a person who walking on slippery ice: “Do not fall!” Or suddenly and loudly say: “Do not cut yourself!” to someone who cuts something with a knife. Everyone knows how much it is dangerous. No wonder the people advise: “Do not speak by the arm!”; “Not evil eye! “. (Although to be precise, it is not” evil eye “, but” damage “, however the essence of the matter does not change from this).

The described technique is based on the fact that the “not” particle is perceived consciousness, but for the subconscious, it means absolutely nothing. AND if the moment is chosen successfully, if paraverbal conditions are met (phrase design), then the probability that a person will do exactly what you “did not” advise him to do is very great. Brain perceives such a statement as a direct command, and programmed to execute it. In this case, you personally seem to be neither at what. They just said “by the arm.”

The “not” particle also ensures your safety. To tell an arrow that aims somewhere: “Miss it!” Is one thing. But tell him: “Do not miss!” – this is completely different. And the result The shot will most likely be the same.

Very often people program their loved ones in misfortune, wanting really good to them. A man leaves home, crosses the threshold, and suddenly hears after: “Do not fall along the road!”. Or: “Do not fall under the car! “. at the moment of the break of the template action (that is, the action which a person perceives as continuous; in this case – crosses the threshold) the subject falls into confusion and any team takes literally. The particle “not” he discards, as a result the wish of misfortune remains.

If we don’t wish anyone evil, then it’s better to say, “Be careful. “At the same time, if we have opposite goals, then this can be used to direct damage. And blame you for something it’s simply impossible – because you advised “not” to do this.

Example 2. Gypsy pronounces a spoilage formula that began with the words “do not leave.” However, the man acted just differently – he left (though he couldn’t even remember how he got there). For gypsy such words were, of course, a professional “puncture.” For her it would be better (and, of course, worse for the subject of the impact) if she said: “Stop!” or: “Stay!”, or better yet: “Freeze.”

So, in these simple cases, the main thing is to correctly the selected moment and the corresponding paraverbal behavior. What if the phrase also has impressive (suggestive) properties; and especially if it is phonetically aimed at hard coding, then the effect will be close to 98%.

Now – a little more about non-verbal and paraverbal behavior (speech design). You can spend one simple and interesting experiment. If you often meet on the street with one and the same stranger, try when meeting, looking at him, mentally, to himself, say hello to him. Don’t need anything pronounce out loud. Say “inside yourself.” If you will be so act from about a week, then most likely he is with you says hello, aloud.

There are various explanations for this: depending on what are you targeting. Someone will explain this by telepathy, someone – the influence of the biofield, someone will find another mystical explanation.

But we will give a more intelligible materialistic explanation.

Greeting someone, we speak not only words, but also with your body. In addition to words, we also greet non-verbally – the body, face, gaze. And people perfectly see and feel it. Therefore, without even saying a word, we have the opportunity to say something to other people. Our facial expressions, pantomime, gestures most often correspond to our thoughts and our mood – and people on subconscious level is captured. You can do this on conscious level, but this requires knowledge and experience.

There is another amazing point – you can feel the look, even when directly you do not see this look. Some people are dangerous professions (police officers, scouts, thieves, card cheaters, etc.) there is the ability to feel a gaze even when looking back. Here still plays a role of lateral vision and intuition (predicting the actions of people on the basis of accumulated life experience).

Well, if you can convey with your expression and gaze information, it means that you can transmit not just information, namely the one you want to convey.

In relation to our topic, this means that you can learn pass on your thoughts to others. And there are two ways to do this. Way the first is to really think about something, so that everything will be you “is written on the face.” The second way is to portray on the face what corresponds to the thoughts that you would like to convey. That is not thinking like that, but nonverbally pretending to think what you think. First the method is certainly simpler, although in both cases minimal acting skills are needed.

Regarding spoilage, that means you have to be congruent to the phrase: you must look evil, scary, bad, strong. To look so that looking at you you could be scared without words. So that your view is completely match the prepared phrase.

Here, first of all, attention is paid to the look. It should to be the look of a scary, strong man, completely confident in to himself and what he does and says. Another important point – You need to look serious. This is a prerequisite. how one living classic loves to say, you have to “hold your face with a shovel.” A meaningful look is a must. It should come from you there’s a wave of confidence that right here and here exactly what you are talking about will happen.

Who can become a victim of the evil eye and corruption

The soul is given to man only for the penetration of God’s will, but ministers of the Devil find weak places in it and manifest their ability to rule the world.

Evil, spoiling – these words we hear more often recently. This is due to the deterioration of our lives, in which less and less remains kindness, a more becomes angry, envious people. Meaning these words are almost the same thing: the negative influence of one person on of another.

The evil eye is harming someone evil with an unfriendly gaze.

Often this happens unexpectedly. Sometimes we don’t even notice in addition to taking care of our loved ones or involuntarily working on them hateful eyes, from which their vitality decreases, welfare worsens. But some do it consciously. However we want to warn you right away: they should remember that evil is always returns to the malevolent. Not only the gaze itself is open, but also accompanying his word. No wonder the popular wisdom says: the word is not sparrow, fly out – you will not catch.

Damage is a conscious infliction, infliction evil through witchcraft, the result of which is reduced energy reserve, breakdowns occur in the biofield.

People differently endure crying, spoiling. Some can all their lives to live and not need treatment (these are people with strong energy), others (energetically weak), if they do not recognize in time that they happen and why, they suffer from this all their lives. Evil eye can be direct, sent by direct contact, or Distances: by phone, by photo, through some objects, things.

So who becomes the victim of a glimpse? Immediately, it should be noted that any can be negatively affected from without a person, regardless of age, character, profession, culture, a also animals, houses, home decoration, trees. But all the same the largest risk group is weak, weak-willed men, women (especially pregnant) and children. This category of people is very low energy reserve, so it’s not possible to break through their biological field constitutes a special work. Not only a person with with a bad eye, but also – yes, don’t be surprised – close and loving a person, and the eye will happen through either affectionate words, or careless compliments.

The evil eye can even control them spiritual, physical, emotional state. And sometimes such people become even intermediaries between a sorcerer and a weaker victim. That is, the sorcerer they are given a certain action program, and they automatically, like robots, do his will.

Limp men and women tend to share their problems, ask for advice even from the young and the unfamiliar people to go to fortunetellers to find out their further destiny, so as they are indecisive, unsure of themselves, doubt the stability their decisions. They do not think that rash communication can lead to unwanted, sometimes very severe the consequences. Women often share intimate details of their life, as they say, turn the soul inside out before their friends who often without phrases throw phrases like: “It’s still nothing, if you had experienced this on yourself, you said would be completely different. “And as the practice shows, these are limp women begin to experience exactly what they were warned against or that they cited as a negative example.

For example, Valentina got a new job, began to share in the team of those with which she has a remarkable father: she is always in everything helps, lives only for her. Her well-being completely depends From him. After some time, although before that father never complained about his health, he suddenly had a heart attack, in two another month that he couldn’t bear. Valentina she buried her father, and after that she began to wither herself. I was treated as the grave – both for doctors and on their own, but no improvement came. Once, removing the grave of the father, she found her fountain pen in the ground, which I considered lost. I told about this to my grandmother, came to uzhas: “Damage to you.” And most likely those who brought it lovely work colleagues, whom Valentina so trustingly opened soul. Damage, thank God, was possible to remove, and the woman received a lesson although cruel, but very visual.

Pregnant women are especially accessible to all evil. They are generally like would be separated from everything around by a pink curtain: live in their own little world, they think only about the most important event, which is soon will happen in their life. During pregnancy, women become very sensitive, receptive, share with all their joy, they take some objects – “for the baby” – sometimes even strangers, such as a used stroller, crib etc., are allowed to touch their stomach so that others could feel what (any) fidget lives inside. They ask how and what needs to be done in their position. If na spoilage of a pregnant woman, the child is born (if he born at all) with the violation of energy – biofield displacement, disturbed biofield structure and other defects.

And now let’s define the main signs of the eye:

1. Ailment, weakness, a feeling of heaviness in the whole body, which hardly obeys you. A breakdown.

2. Headaches, dizziness, sudden pressure surges, sudden nosebleeds, chills, catarrhal diseases. Acne, blackheads (not to be confused with youthful ones), various skin diseases, boils, fungi, warts, blood does not stop for a long time, wounds do not heal for a long time, eyesore, toothaches, watery eyes, the teeth are crumbling.

3. Insomnia or, conversely, severe drowsiness, torment yawning.

4. The appetite of the “spoiled” person is lost or he is on the contrary, feels a constant feeling of hunger, does not feel satiety.

5. Nervousness, irritation. If you become a victim of a glimpse, then It will seem to you that everyone around you is trying to spoil yours and without that is a bad mood.

6. Damage to death leads to unexpected, not succumbing treating a fatal illness.

7. Not only fear, sadness, longing, but also various mental deviations that lead to schizophrenia.

8. Harmful and hatred of the neighbor, broken families, infertility, impotence.

9. The evil eye leads to through breakdowns in the biofield, in these places often found benevolent and malignant tumors.

10. The “spoiled” person begins to fear the light, the sun. His good only in the dark, especially at midnight (devilish start).

11. Baldness or, conversely, rapid hair growth on the whole body.

12. Painful, reaching unthinkable sizes pride.

13. Food comes across hair, and sometimes even small nails. Of course, this may be the fault of the one who cooked the food, but if If you were a cook, then this is a clear symptom of what you swallowed.

14. Auditory hallucinations – the voices of the dead are heard relatives.

In children:

the eye is manifested in anxiety, in whims, in incessant crying, in a bad dream, at an elevated temperature, in weight loss. If such symptoms appeared, you should contact your doctor. If the doctor didn’t find any disease in the child, then check that is it smoothed. How to do this, we will tell below.

In animals:

dogs become frantic, even the owner can bite. Cows milk disappears, constantly mumbles, lose weight. Chickens or stop rushing, or rushing spoiled eggs, die, pigs become wild, screech, never eat, can nibble chickens, ducks.

When you get sick, then, as a rule, you turn to the clinic. But doctors, when they look, damage, turn out to be powerless, so can make a diagnosis, although the patient manifests numerous symptoms of the disease. You rush from one extreme to another, you begin to engage in self-medication, yoga, acupressure, urinotherapy, treatment with water, herbs. And then you all the same Turn to the healers. So it’s better to do it right away, as soon as You suspect that you have been damaged or oversized.

Diagnosis of eye and spoilage

Dogs and cats are known to be very sensitive to change, occurring in biofields, they see the phenomena of the subtle world, inaccessible to the human eye, and therefore may be the first Diagnostics of the eye-damage to the owner. Cats, dogs will never fit to a “spoiled” person, they will not take food from his hands; if But he decides to caress his favorites, then the wool gets up on end, they hide from him.

You can use the advice of Yu Longo for independent diagnosis of eye and spoilage.

1. In the morning, take a piece of stale bread crumb, hold in hand 1-2 minutes, trying not to think about anything at this moment, and throw in a glass of water that has stood for at least a day in your room. If after 1-2 minutes the bread went down, then your the energy shell is broken.

2. Instead of a bread crumb, you can light a match and throw it in a glass with water. If you have an eye or spoilage, then after 1-2 minutes the match will sink to the bottom.

When you will know for sure whether or not you have been damaged immediately it will become easier for you to live: if you are “spoiled”, you can start treatment, if not, then get rid of unreasonable suspicions of The address of your friends.

From the book: Kladnikov Seraphim “How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage ”

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