Count Saint Germain is a man who did not age

A photo from open sources

Czech writer C. Czapek wrote a play about a woman who thanks to the wonderful remedy of the medieval alchemist lived and not Aged 300 years. The golden dream of humanity: to live as long as possible, while remaining young. A pipe dream. The passage of time impossible to stop. But in the eighteenth century in Europe for 40 years shone Count Saint-Germain. And for all these 40 years, he has not aged year, causing thereby the general amazement. However, he is famous was not only that.

The Delightful Count of Saint-Germain

Count Saint-Germain’s star flashed in Europe in the 40s of XVIII century. While traveling through the capitals of Europe, the count invariably aroused admiration their many talents. He played music instruments, he could conduct a whole orchestra without a score. Some compared him to Paganini. He wrote poetry, painted pictures. Possessed a phenomenal memory, could repeat the text in several printed pages by reading it only once. At the same time could write with two hands, right – verses, left – love message.

A photo from open sources

Amazed by his education. Fluent in 12 languages, and so that he was perceived as a compatriot. Had deep knowledge in physics and chemistry. In Italy, he worked to improve flax dressing technology, in Greece conducted experiments on cleaning olive oil. In France, he was engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics and colors. Paintings painted in his colors glowed in the dark.

Mysteries of the Count

He dressed simply, but had a weakness for precious stones. The value of the jewelry that adorned his shoes exceeded 200,000 livres. He claimed to be able to melt diamonds and maybe from several stones make one. This removed questions about the sources of his wealth. Lied? Perhaps, but the courtiers repeatedly turned to asking him to “cure” family jewels by removing the marriage (crack or clouding) and the count refused no one. Scandals and There were no charges of fraud.

In 1775, Saint-Germain took a diamond from King Louis XV with crack and a few days later returned it already without a flaw. The famous Casanova wrote that once Saint-Germain took from him coin in 12 sous, sprinkled it with some kind of powder, heated it, and then, having cooled, returned to the owner. The coin has become gold!

In 1759, Saint-Germain proposed that the Danish king build ship without sails and a quick recoil gun.

But the main mystery lies not in his talents, but in himself.

Forever 45 year old

The origin of the count is still a mystery. 45 year old count emerged literally from nowhere. He called himself a son transylvanian prince raccoci but historians this version is not confirmed. The appearance of the count in some courts is often caused confusion among the elderly aristocrats: because they met with the count during his youth! And he has since absolutely unchanged! Countess von Jergy believed that 50 years ago met with the count’s father, but the guest reminded the countess how she praised the verses written in her honor, how they sang romances together and some more intimate details.

For almost 40 years the Count traveled to European capitals, invariably surprising everyone with their talents, knowledge and their timeless appearance. According to contemporaries, the count never crossed the 50-year milestone. They have already begun to treat him with caution, and in 1784 the Count of Saint-Germain died.


In 1785, the “dead” lit up at the Great Congress of Masons in Paris. In the same 1785 he was seen in Wilhelmsbad. In 1789 Count de Chalon faced the “deceased” in Venice on pl. St. Mark. IN 1790 Rodolfo Graffer and Baron Linden had a long conversation with him in Vienna. In 1793, Jeanne Dubarry met the Count in Paris. In 1814 the elderly Madame Janliss saw Saint Germain in Vienna. That was all the same 45. The last who saw the “mysterious count” was the countess d’Ademar, former court lady of executed Queen Mary Antoinette. The meeting took place in 1820. Decrepit Countess and all the same 45-year-old Saint-Germain recalled his past.

And then everyone who has ever seen Saint Germain died, and already there was no one to identify him.

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