Creepy smiling man terrifying at of Americans

Creepy Smiling Man Terrifying AmericansA photo from open sources

The United States rightfully ranks first in the world in the number of urban legends, and many of these modern myths are truly intimidating. For example, for more than half a century reports from America about the so-called Smiling man. No one knows who this creepy one really is an individual — an alien, a ghost, or a madman — but all eyewitnesses as one attribute to him supernatural abilities.

How a Smiling Man Looks

Paranormal Researchers Collect Dozens of Testimonies witnesses faced with this creature. Characteristic this mysterious character is, in fact, his smile, looking like a nightmarish grin of a madman. Eyes of a smiling man also resemble the eyes of a maniac and express complete insanity.

A photo from open sources

The man is relatively tall, has a normal physique and short hair. Sometimes he is seen dressed in a black business suit. with a tie and a white shirt, which made it appear that this person works for special services and is related to UFO investigations. Or even herself is a representative of extraterrestrial civilization.

Smiling man and ufo

American author John Keele wrote in his book Strange creatures in space and time “that first known case clashes with a smiling man occurred in new jersey in October 1966 Two teenagers walking met a stranger who rushed to them with the words that she was being followed terribly smiling type. The woman quickly left, and young people did not paid special attention to her and continued to walk, although surprised by the behavior of the ladies.

A photo from open sources

However, when it began to get dark, they themselves saw unpleasant stranger. He stood at the fence across from them and looked off to the side. Then the man slowly turned to schoolchildren, and an ominous smirk appeared on his face. She suddenly getting wider and wider until it literally reached from the ear to the ear, which was completely unnatural for a person. Wherein the monster’s eyes were disproportionately large and predatory shone in the light of a street lamp. Teenagers, as you might guess, followed the example of their fellow countrymen and immediately rushed off.

A few hours later, deep in the night, over this area arose unidentified flying object that looked like a huge shining ball snow-white color. Some locals called the police, however, the “flying saucer” disappeared before law enforcement officers.

After about three weeks in neighboring Pennsylvania another collision occurred with the Smiling Man. Seller a sewing machine named Woodrow Derenberger drove home at night and his the car was suddenly stopped. In the middle of the highway stood a man in a business suit with a strange smile on his face. Derenberger thought that the man had an accident and therefore was not himself. Nonetheless, there were no wrecked cars nearby. Our hero suggested give a stranger a lift, but he stared even harder and left somewhere in the direction of the forest.

Smiling Man at Point Pleasant

The next appearance of the mysterious man took place in the famous city of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A smiling man ended up there a couple of weeks before locals began to notice a frightening winged creature that nicknamed the Moth-Man. December 15, 1967 collapsed here Silver Bridge, killing 46 people.

A photo from open sources

Many townspeople associated the catastrophe with the occurrence A human moth, and the monster quickly became popular throughout the country. The smiling man was undeservedly forgotten, although he appeared here used to be an amazing cryptid. Whether these creatures acted together, whether Smiling man was searching A human moth. Be that as it may, many experts in the field the supernatural are sure that the bridge collapsed for a reason.

A smiling man appears in the homes of Americans

Many eyewitnesses noticed this creature in their streets, in their yards and even inside their homes. Intent of the Smiling man is completely unclear and it scares the Americans yet more.

Some believe that this humanoid is attracted by various paranormalism like UFOs and cryptids. Perhaps Smiling man is a kind of messenger from another world, interested in the various mysticism that happens in our reality. At least not a single victim is known, to which this creation would cause an immediate physical harm.

By the way, by including the video below, we can watch a short horror movie based on this urban legend.

Cryptids Bridges

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