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Agree that the tunnels alone are enough uncomfortable place. Their darkness and tightness can cause an attack panic or claustrophobia, and eternal dampness, mold and general a disturbing atmosphere awakens in us the ancient sensations inherited by inheritance from primitive ancestors. It’s scary alone and uncomfortable in the company of friends. And if you still imagine that in this complete darkness awaits you lurking monstrous creatures, ready to pounce at any moment … Unfortunately, meeting with tunnel monsters don’t happen in movies alone horrors …

Underground Monster from Kabbajtuan

In 1976 in the Kubbajtown area of ​​Toronto with a 51-year-old Ernest (last name was not indicated in the press) an amazing thing happened history. A man with a flashlight in his hands climbed into an underground tunnel on Search for the missing kitten. He managed to advance only 10 feet (about 3 meters), as some kind of person jumped out of the darkness strange creature. Ernest describes him as long, skinny and a 3-foot-toothed monkey covered with gray fur. Large the creature’s eyes burned with a bright orange light, scaring Ernest.

But the worst thing was that the underground “monkey” suddenly spoke to a man. “Get out of here!” she said twice hissing like a snake’s voice and rushing into another tunnel, disappeared into the dark. Not remembering himself, Ernest climbed up, he is all trembling with horror.

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Interview with a man where he talked about meeting with a startling creature, on condition of anonymity, published the newspaper Toronto Sun. Ernest feared that otherwise he would simply be laughed at. At the same time he spent journalists to the place where his short and dangerous started journey. Reporters saw a small passage in the ground leading into tunnel.

Having descended into it, the journalists looked around, walked a bit back and forth but didn’t see anyone. True, they came across a mutilated cat corpse half buried in the sand. Perhaps it was the kitten that Ernest was looking for. However, who killed so brutally unfortunate animal, and even tried to bury it? ..

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After that, newspaper men interviewed workers serving sewer tunnels. One of them shocked reporters, saying that ordinary people living on the surface of the earth even assume can’t that actually represents the underworld and what underground secrets of the earth are hidden from us. The worker did not know that it was Ernest who saw below, but categorically declared: “Well, if I come down to this underworld, I won’t go alone never!”

Since then, no “monster from Kabbajtuan” has been reported. information, and he still remains the grim mystery of Toronto. However, in this story there is one interesting detail. Near the present Kabbajtuan, according to local Indians, lived once hairy and stunted humanoid creatures whom called the word “mimegwezi”, which means “little people”. Perhaps hiding from the white colonizers, these creatures went into underground corridors and still live in their dark the depths? ..

Hairy creature from the dungeon

There are other evidence of monsters from the tunnels. So in 1963 in the US state of Missouri residents of the outskirts of Centerville and St. Louis began to regularly notice a humanoid hairy the creature they described as evil and dangerous. Sometimes it appeared in the yards, and once even tried to pounce on person. Beginning May 9, the police began to set in many fifty a day) receive calls about this strange creature.

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When trying to catch his creature invariably ran away into sewer tunnels. Interestingly, eyewitnesses described him in different ways, for example, a group of children told about a half man – half woman with head half hairy and half bald.

By the end of the month, the number of reports of the appearance of an unprecedented creature abruptly subsided, and soon they completely stopped.

Reptiles from the sewer

… March 5, 1981 The New Valley Dispatch of Pennsylvania posted a note called “Rumors of a green creature,” where it was reported that near New Kensington (PA) company teenagers saw an unusual reptilian creature 4 meters high feet that emerged from the sewer tunnel. Teenagers tried pursue a strange creature, and one was not afraid to even grab him by the thin tail, but the “dinosaur-like humanoid” is so loud and squealed viciously that the guy immediately released him and the creature hid in the darkness of the tunnel.

Judging by how teenagers described this creature, it is quite may be a reptilian or a reptilian alien. What if under the ground at these creatures is the base, and through the tunnels they exit out?

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Another story that happened in favor of this version in 2008 in the American city of Anaheim (California). Female walked the dog, and she drew the mistress’s attention to the incomprehensible a green creature peeking out of a sewer hatch. Later like claimed the woman, this creature appeared at night in her trailer and became sneaking up on the bed. The woman rushed to the trailer in horror your friend asking for help. Around her own trailer she I saw other green lizards crawling out of the sewer hatch.

A man ran out holding a golf club. His screams and threats stopped the monsters and forced them to get out. Creatures looked like very large reptiles with sharp large teeth.

The story, however, did not end there. Next night her participants heard terrible cries in the dark, and the next morning they found not far from the remains of some animal. After that the woman and the man hurriedly left the dangerous place.

The Underworld of Reptilians

On the subject of stories about underground reptilians, there is one very a curious fact. In the 30s of the last century, a geological engineer Warren Shufelt discovered a huge network near Los Angeles mysterious tunnels (a report on this discovery was published by Los Angeles Times).

Schufelt believed that tunnels cover not only the city, but the whole California He was also sure that they were built by some ancient lizards civilization.

Not only America boasts such tunnels. A few years ago on the website of Lon Strickler, a researcher paranormal events, a letter was published by a certain Gregor, geologist from Austria. Gregor wrote that in May 2011. he explored a small cave on the eastern shore of Lake Hallstatter See and suddenly I heard voices in the darkness. Thinking it hallucination, the geologist continued to work, but involuntarily became listen to the voices.

Moving in the course of his research, he approached the wall the cave, which for some reason turned out to be smooth and emitted very strong rotten smell. The soil under the wall was red. Then Gregor heard strange voices again.

All this scared the man so much that he decided to get out as soon as possible. out, and already ran a few meters, but impulsively looked around. The geologist saw a bright yellow light breaking out of the darkness, then another some yellow lights and finally – amazing creatures of a humanoid kind of.

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There were about twenty of them – muscular lizard-like creatures, slightly different in their growth. On beings was different colors of clothes covering their bodies and legs, so Gregor managed only muzzles can be seen well and long swaying back and forth tails.

However, even through the clothes it was clear that these limbs creatures are very massive. Communicating with each other on absolutely no the language familiar to Gregor, humanoids moved down the aisle and disappeared into some hole in the wall.

The geologist managed to get out of the cave, but for a long time he was in a state of shock and only later managed in detail remember everything that happened.

Underground monster with burning eyes

Another unusual case that took place in the mountains of the American state of Washington, describes in his book “Real Monsters, horrible creatures and monsters from the dark “Brad Steiger, world wide famous archaeologist and researcher of anomalous phenomena. In a place referred to as the “Cascade Tunnel” (abandoned railway corridor), for many years there are legends about a monster with yellow burning eyes.

This creature happened to see a certain Dave who went into the tunnel in order to take several pictures (event date the author of the book is not indicated). Suddenly a man saw ahead glowing yellow eyes. As Dave later said, neither one of the famous living creatures cannot have such bright eyes. IN the twilight managed to discern the dark figure of the monster himself – huge, up to 9 feet high. At the sight of this yellow-eyed giant Dave in terror rushed out of the tunnel.

After some time, already telling people about his meeting with a monster, a man accompanied by a group of curious returned to the same place. Everyone was wondering if he would appear again. tunnel monster. This story ended, according to Brad Steiger, very sad: not a single person from a dangerous expedition returned, and none of the daredevils were seen again.

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However, not all tunnel monsters are humanoid. creatures. For example, in the 70s of the last century, workers, serving underground communications Tokyo, saw something similar on a giant web that stretched down a decent ceiling distance, and in it, in addition to dry cockroaches, rat dangled corpses and skeletons.

In one place, workers discovered a dark hole with a diameter of up to a quarter meter. Without waiting for someone to get out of the hole, the men hurried to leave. They decided that in the tunnel lives ordinary spider, but judging by the size of the holes and cobwebs, it can be argued that such big spiders are not known to science …

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