Crimean miracle grandmother attracts irons, spoons and tames ghosts

About her paranormal opportunities 82-year-old pensioner from Simferopol Nadezhda Poselskaya (in two weeks – she is 83!) Said already in old age, although unusual abilities behind him noticed from childhood, but did not attach any importance to this. “To me with small years stuck every little thing. But we didn’t pay any attention to it. attention. It’s as if it’s necessary, ”says Nadezhda Today. Ivanovna. Prior to retirement, she worked as a labor teacher in a boarding school in the village of Lozovoye, then also in a sewing studio – she lived myself and did not dream of fame and fame. Everything changed when she a newspaper publication about a phenomenal a magnet man with a photograph where a spoon was held on his forehead: “I remembered how metal objects stick to me, and decided too to try. One spoon stuck, the second, third … At that moment I I realized that it was interesting and unusual, well, I decided to do photo for memory. I didn’t have a camera – and how would I photographed yourself? I went to the shop. And when the photographer saw me in a “necklace” of spoons, as he cried out: “Guys, everything is here! Look, she’s not only standing, but also walking with it! ” Crimean miracle grandmother attracts irons, spoons and tames ghostsPhotos from open sources According to rumors, photos of Nadezhda Ivanovna somehow began to diverge in thousand copies far beyond outside the Crimea, sellers convinced the people that they were charged, and applying “grandmother with spoons” can be cured, if not all, then many illnesses. It is clear that a pensioner from this “business” is not percent had, but the rumor has rolled back to her. And hope Ivanovna even for some time received the suffering at home – relieved headaches, removed pain syndromes. And once even as in the story with Ghostbusters, she was called to fight with a poltergeist – a family in the northeast of the peninsula complained that the drums do not give them rest – the hostess is out of bed at night pushed out, and from the children the blankets are pulled off. And Nadezhda Ivanovna after several night watch brought “otherworldly” out of the house. Experienced by “magnetic grandmother” found that attracted to her items made of steel, aluminum, copper, bronze – even those that are deprived magnetism and are not attracted by a magnet. I tried on myself and maximum weight to hold – one and a half pounds attracted, three old an iron of 8 kg each on the chest held! I also found out that my the body can improve the reception of a television signal – with a simple antenna, the picture on the “box” is almost HD quality. “This I inherited the gift – inherited from a grandmother, a noblewoman, – says Nadezhda Poselskaya. – And already from me it was transferred to the daughter and the granddaughter. Both u me artists. Both Olya and Julia transmit their energy through their pictures. They are connected with art – and my great-granddaughter also walks to art school. I can charge water with my energy. AND this helps both people and myself. Such water has wonderful healing features! “Regarding the nature of Hope’s abilities Ivanovna doctors and scientists only shrug. Some experts even tried to convict her of fraud: “Scientists cannot explain what’s what, so I often hear unflattering the words. They say that I smear the body with glue before the performance and magnets swallow! But how many magnets need to be swallowed to dance with old irons weighing 8 kg ?! ” Photos from open sources Photo from open sources True with age, Nadezhda complains Ivanovna, she was fed up with the hype around her magnetism, and that’s all it becomes harder to “wear irons.” But she continues to lead active lifestyle and jokes about it: “Death doesn’t find me, I’m always on the go! “An amazing pensioner also the poem writes: after each trip, after any event, leaves his impressions in rhymes. And not so long ago she was a guest on the program of Andrei Malakhov in Moscow. “They paid me everything – and flight, and suite, and by car to Ostankino brought. And on Andryusha had a very warm welcome. Met as if I their own. I went into the studio without any rehearsals, they hung me the microphone and the spoon suddenly fell. But everyone began to applaud me. And by the walls around on the screens – my photos with irons. Attended there experts and the priest, and I was worried that they would attack me questions, but no. The priest then got up and said to me: “Thank you for your shining eyes, for your smile, for the gift of God that you have there. “Unfortunately, with such warmth and understanding, I’m nowhere else did not meet. I am constantly invited to various concerts, but everyone mostly interested in the show that I can show, and not myself I. Although I have something to remember and tell about my difficult lives – as in the occupation survived, if more than once by a miracle from the fire I went out and didn’t drown in the water. It’s a little sad that I’m practically I do not receive thanks for my speeches. Although I noticed that no one else has shown this. Yes, I’m almost with no one I agree to meet and people have not been flying for a long time. Not really completely tired, but of course I would like to get some help, sometimes she is so necessary – I’m still a pensioner! “” I came AND SPEAKS: EVERYTHING IS LICKING TO ME “Chief Crimean Physician Republican institution “Health Center”, candidate of medical Sciences Viktor Bridko discovered the phenomenal abilities of Hope Village for the general public and often invites her to educational activities. “Different grandmothers come to us – who with verses, who is with the gift of a healer. Nadezhda Ivanovna said: “Not I can understand what is happening – everything sticks to me. “We still had her same age – at 80 years old she sat on a twine, but she was above herself worked, but this one didn’t do anything – at first spoons were sticking, then irons … Every person has magnetism, but in all it is expressed to varying degrees. Physicists claim that this is from birth, and someone says – so old age is manifested … To me as a doctor, with one on the other hand, it’s funny, but on the other, it’s amazing: a person comes objects stick to it! By the way, skin features also have value. I had a familiar grandmother who had a very pronounced lipid, fat, metabolism: skin, like oil. But this is not magnetism, but just a skin feature. Does such magnetism affect health Nadezhda Ivanovna? God grant that all people feel the way she is 83 years old. ”

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