Crop circles do more than just aliens

Crop circles are not just aliensPhoto from open sources

In the summer, circles on cereal fields appear in many corners of the planet with amazing “persistence,” like someone seeking something like that (strange and not clear why exactly) something tell us earthlings. Some researchers attribute this creativity to aliens, others are sure that these are “letters” from parallel worlds, rather, some warnings to us than anything another.

In any case, these circles were and remain a mystery to scientists. AND another such picture (see the video below) that appeared on days in hampshire england again placing researchers in dead end: no one even saw, no modern equipment recorded “intruders” who, as it were, in the blink of an eye performed this art on the field, and so filigree and skillfully that you wonder.

For example, recently, five decided to create something similar. of Americans in Eates County, Alabama: whether offended that circles in the fields most often appear in England and Europe as a whole, and in the USA – no, or just decided to fool around. And so they got it (see photo below).

A photo from open sources

Immediately striking handicraft work of American “artists”, because their drawing is a little like filigree mysterious samples left in the same Foggy Albion sculptors. In addition, “passages” to the road with which it all started and ended, that is, where did this come from a corn field drove machinery (in the case of “alien” circles on fields, no approaches to them can be traced). Moreover, nearby farmer’s surveillance camera recorded a strange car intruders who encroached on private ownership corn growers.

Thanks to this, five bullies-artists Janie Beth Vaughn (Jeni Beth Vaughn), Brandon Allen Whitlock (Brandon Allen Whitlock), Stephanie Marie Helm, Rex Dakota Brown (Rex Dakota Brown) and Noah Michael Brown (Noah Michael Brown) were soon arrested. As WSFA 12 News told reporters Eton County Sheriff Jonathon Horton, these guys caused damage to the owner of the corn field of almost 8 thousand dollars, and therefore, they have already been seriously charged and quite awaiting them severe punishment up to several years in prison years.

Law enforcement agencies around the world are unsuccessfully looking crop circle creators to bring them to criminal responsibility and thereby stop this “disgrace”. Must to believe that five Americans are seriously stuck, now they you can hang almost all the crop pictures and all the damage, which they allegedly inflicted on society, not to mention moral costs in the form of cheating people. Last will be incriminate these unlucky sculptors with special joy with sides of the power structures: the hooligans who are finally caught “draw” crop circles on behalf of the aliens.

What do you think, now “bullies” all over the world are scared, and grain patterns stop appearing? Or still not?..

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