Crowds of people in England, Russia and Germany seek to see crop circles with their own eyes

Crowds of people in England, Russia and Germany seek to see crop circles with their own eyes.A photo from open sources

In recent weeks, the media reported on the occurrence of England, Germany and Russia new crop circles representing complex geometric shapes.

Although the origin of this phenomenon is the subject of discussion for more than a dozen years, mysterious drawings on fields still excite the imagination. Over the past two weeks circles drew the attention of others in the county of Dorset in the south Russia and Berlin.

Until now, it remains incomprehensible to scientists when they started mysterious patterns appear. However, some fanatics all mysterious people believe that this phenomenon was observed on over the centuries. According to Live Science magazine, the first crop circle evidence could be captured here on this vintage wood engraving.

A photo from open sources

Engraving dated August 22, 1678 illustrates the legend. about the devil reaper. It depicts a glowing object in the background of the night sky over oat fields in the English county of Hertfordshire. The next morning, some farmers found a neatly mowed field. Crop-like plot.

The term crop circles appeared in the 1970s when in England began to detect the first pictograms left in the margins and formed by lines of plants lying down on the ground. Then them origin gave rise to numerous speculation.

The most famous assumptions were associated with traces alien landings, with hedgehogs, swirling streams of air, the influence of the energy fields of the Earth, as well as with the theory of conspiracy. However, the most proven and believable version of the origin Strange as it may seem, the human factor appeared.

The first lap this year appeared on July 14, 2014 in the county Dorset (England). According to the Daily Mail, an intricate drawing consists of the many “geometric lines and circles.” Although the size the total pattern is 122 meters, it was created in just one evening.

Amateur pilot Matthew Williams, who shot the next video, called Dorset County Circles a Real Work of Art: “By the Past in the summer we found very few circles, but this beauty is definitely makes up for this omission. The first lap of the season is really marks the beginning of the great british summer … we must give due to those who have spent so much effort to create 122 meter field pattern. ”

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