Curiosity has stopped working because of a strange shiny object

A photo from open sources

“Curiosity” stopped taking soil due to the fact that from him the detail could fall off. This was reported on the official page missions.

A photo from open sources

The first sampling of soil took place on October 7, 2012. IN at the same time, a brilliant object was discovered near the apparatus. By According to experts, it may not be Martian origin, and a detail of the apparatus. Therefore work on the next the day, that is, October 8th, was canceled. Soon NASA specialists plan to take a closer look at the object using Curiosity cameras and decide what to do next. In particular, may whether soil collection should continue. Until then, the device will not move even with his manipulator. Mars rover “Curiosity” was launched 26 November 2011 He arrived on the Red Planet on August 6, 2012. The cost of the device is 2.5 billion dollars. His purpose is the study of the geology and climate of Mars, as well as the search for traces life and water on the Red Planet. The landing place of the device is the crater Gale. Observations from orbit of this crater made it possible to establish that in its center is a multi-kilometer mound consisting of supposedly from sedimentary rocks brought into the crater in antiquity water. At the end of September, Curiosity succeeded take a picture of a place that resembles a dried creek. On this indicates the rounded shape of the stones. Based on form analysis by scientists even managed to determine the approximate flow rate of water in the stream – about 0.9 meters per second.

Water Time Mars Mars Rover Curiosity

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