Curse of Alkimos

Photo from open sources In the world today there are enough places where people feel frankly bad. They feel pervasive evil, anxiety and horror. It is still not clear where this comes from invisible aura of threat and fear. Some are convinced that everything is to blame. restless souls, others – black magic and curses. Maybe, there are unknown forces pervading the world around us and immersing certain places on Earth in chaos.

One such place is located off the coast of Western Australia, about 40 km north of Perth, where the remains of the bulk carrier Alkimos, times of the second world war. Since its construction, the ship carried humanity is only a grief that still does not leave this ship, even after so many years during which his remains slowly rot and melt into the sea.

Vessels of this type were developed for mass production – fast and cheap. George M. Shriver (first name Alkimos vessel) was built in just 10 days, and since the start of construction over it an aura of misfortune hung. Even at the first stages of construction in hull accidentally sealed several welders where they died. After this incident, unexplained phenomena haunted ship. Despite the favorable working conditions, no one even wanted step aboard George M. Shriver. Not having time to leave the pier, the ship earned a reputation as “unlucky.”

During the war, the ship naturally fell under shelling the enemy, however, the crew was not only afraid of enemy attacks. Mechanics constantly faced an unthinkable number of technical difficulties. Boats could not deliver food aboard George M. Shriver, going under water in front of the ship itself. In August 1944 years, the cargo ship became the scene of brutal murder, and suicide. That day, the ship was in port in Naples, unloading ammunition. Suddenly the workers heard two shots, and rushed inspect the ship. It later became clear that one of the crew members shot the radio operator, and then shot himself. Rumors that ship damned steel quickly spread among the crew.

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The end of the war and the change of ship name to Alkimos, not freed him from a cruel cloud of bad luck and strange events, who seemed to follow him everywhere. In 1963, Alkimos ran aground on a reef called Beagle Rocks. Tow the ship for repair was constantly interfered with by strange incidents, fires and breakdowns.

When minor repairs were finally completed, and Alkimos was towing to Hong Kong for overhaul, the towing line inexplicably broke away from the ship, and strong waves sent him racing to the shore. An hour later he sat on stranded north of Fremantle (a port city located at 19 kilometers from Perth). The ship was heavily weighed down and hard sat aground, the tugboat could not budge Alkimos. To save the property, it was decided to leave several person until further instructions regarding him transportation.

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Rangers who remained aboard the ship later reported that constantly heard inexplicable noises, they heard voices, knocks and sounds of steps. Some have noticed phantom odors, such as scents cooked food coming from a completely empty galley. Besides other, the caretakers spoke of a sudden rolling sensation threats, and an unpleasant sense of surveillance.

A new rescue operation was launched in 1964, Alkimos was towed to Manila by the Pacific Star. In connection with legal difficulties, it was decided to stop towing, and the ship was anchored 4 km south of Yanchep Beach, near a place called Eglington Rocks Rocks).

Strong waves tore Alkimos from the anchor and carried to the rocks. In the lengthy process of changing its owners and litigation proceedings, the ship was repeatedly tried to repair many repair crews.

Several rescue crews during repair work complained about the mysterious disappearance of tools that later were found in completely different places. Rescuers, as well as caretakers heard mysterious sounds, and phantom odors. Some workers witnessed incorporeal feet, and conversations in empty cabins.

The galley again attracted the attention of the aromas of cooked food, that disappeared the moment someone entered the room. Among other things, the workers were constantly pushed by invisible hands, in the result of one such incident, a pregnant the female caretaker fell and lost the baby.

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In 1969, the owners lost all hope of saving the ship and decided to dismantle the broken ship. To evaluate the amount of explosives needed to start dismantling was Ted Snider, Navy submariner, is invited. Soon after of this, Snyder and three of his assistants died in a plane crash. The last dismantling attempt ended in an accidental fire. After of this, Alkimos was resold to eight different companies, which nor was it possible to repair or dismantle the ship. As later it became known Alkimos, radiated a harmful influence far beyond the limits of their physical location, sending on all of their owners have terrible troubles, such as sudden illnesses, bankruptcy, and unexplained deaths.

In the end, the ship was abandoned. His remains rest at Eglington Rocks, where inexplicable things still happen: boat motors begin to stall in close proximity to the place crash; wreck divers in diving equipment and chambers; horses on the beach near Alkimos, become extremely excited and refuse to approach water.

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Local fishermen often talked about the ghostly figures of people on crash site. At first they decided that he settled in the wreckage homeless, but after examining the crash site, no one was found. After several cases of drowning in this place, and a mysterious the disappearance of swimmer Herbert Voight, whose skull was later found in the wreckage of the ship, the place was dubbed the damned.

Currently, the remains of Alkimos still rest on the same a place where many years ago it was abandoned, just minutes drive north of Perth. Despite all the terrible stories and warnings, divers and paranormal researchers often come here in search of ghosts and other unexplained phenomena.

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