Cursed chair kills everyone who is at it sits down

A cursed chair kills everyone who sits on it.Photo from open sources

In one of the small English towns there is a pub inside whose not wall hangs a carved wooden chair. It would seem the most an ordinary piece of furniture, but why was it hung on the wall? Maybe this local exhibit which cannot be used for its intended purpose in connection with its high historical value?

Yes and no. Busby chair is really famous exhibit, however, it’s forbidden to sit on it completely differently reason. The fact is that he has a strong curse that takes away the life of everyone who intends to touch his seat soft spot. And to stay this story with an ordinary bar bike is not allows the fact that several dozen people really went to the forefathers shortly after they sat on the ill-fated chair.

The Legend of the Supernatural Chair

According to legend, at the end of the seventeenth century in the provincial English city of Crickby arrives for permanent residence Daniel Otti with daughter Elizabeth. The family acquires an old farm, repairs the house remaining after the previous owners. You might think that there is no ordinary story, but in fact the man was large a counterfeiter who moved to the outback to carry out their illegal activities away from law enforcement.

Otti built a real fake workshop in the basement of a new house paper currency, and Daniel was doing just fine until he got an accomplice named Thomas Busby. Work of course the two are much easier, but Busby was quickly imbued with feelings for her daughter his colleague and began to intensely seek reciprocal love from the girls. As you might guess, this was not the best idea – Otti, who was distinguished by a very severe disposition, loved Elizabeth very much and did not allowed all sorts of garbage to even approach his daughter.

Somehow in the autumn evening of 1702 in men on this soil a major conflict occurred during which Busby grabbed a hammer and beat his beloved father to death. Justice overtook Thomas very quickly, and despite the fact that the victim was a killer the undoubted criminal, Busby, who now hung two atrocities immediately sentenced to hanging. When the gallows was ready, Thomas expressed his last holy desire to drink before his execution of whiskey in the nearest pub, where he visited before this every day.

A photo from open sources

The convoy led the killer to a drinking establishment, and the criminal in deathly silence beneath the gazes of other bar regulars knocked over the last glass of stew in his life. Getting up Busby suddenly shouted: “Now I will be gone, and I more never come here. But let everyone die who sits on my favorite place!”

A very malicious statement for the last words, isn’t it? TO Thomas was entirely to blame for what happened, and to send curse on other residents of Crickby he had no reason. But however, the pub visitors were very impressed and scared in such words. A few minutes later the killer was already hanging out with a broken neck on the gallows, and for ten whole years no one dared touch the fifth point to the chair in which Busby was sitting in front of his execution.

Victims of the curse

The first victim of the curse was a visiting chimney sweep in 1712, who knew nothing about this story. He went to the pub in the evening, confidently sat on the Busby Chair and ordered himself a few pints of beer. Other customers of the institution who did not have time to warn the guest about potential danger, a day later learned that the chimney sweep crashed, falling off the roof. So the legend of the damned a piece of furniture noticeably strengthened in the minds of citizens and especially Pub visitors.

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However, from those far times there were also daredevils who wanted to refute this urban myth, but suddenly after this was dying. From 1712 to the present, the Busby Chair has claimed lives at least sixty people. Here are just the latest, most reliable cases.

In 1967, two pilots who died shortly before visited the bar and, to the horror of the other booze, took turns in a chair, to prove to the assembled the groundlessness of the legend. That night the pilots crashed into a tree in their car and died on the spot.

In 1969, an elderly cleaning lady at this pub accidentally, just stumbled, sat down on a chair and died three days later from cerebral hemorrhages.

In 1972, a young builder who, like the aforementioned chimney sweep, used the Busby Chair for ignorance. A week later a concrete mixer collapsed on it.

A photo from open sources

In 1974, a thirty-seven-year-old American came to Crickby – Accountant Ann Conelatter, who spent her vacation in England. Before a trip abroad the lady boasted to her friends that she’ll sit down on a cursed chair and then tell them that when I felt it. Unfortunately, Ann never managed to tell to friends about their reckless trick, because only through half an hour after visiting a pub where she made her a rash act, she died in a broken elevator.

Only after this the owners of the pub decided to put away from sin chair for the fence. However, in 2009 a new the current moment is the last victim of the curse. Melisa Dolman, whom in that day turned eighteen, drank a fair amount liquor on the occasion of his birthday and deciding to show off in front of a girlfriend, quickly jumped over the fence, defiantly sat on a damned chair. The bartender did not have time to save unhappy, although he rushed after Melisa. That evening the girl gnawed a pack of stray dogs …

Busby chair today

Today the pub is called “Sloppy Busby” in honor of the hanged man killer and a terrible legacy left by him, and on the sign flaunts that same ill-fated chair. The latest incident forced owners bar tightly fasten the damned object on the wall of the institution in one and a half meters from the floor, forbidding anyone to even touch a finger his.

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When the owners of “Slipped Busby” are asked why they still don’t destroyed the mystical chair, they answer that they have no right destroy such a historical exhibit. But most likely the true reason for this lies in the banal human greed (or rationality). The city is small, its sights can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And here is no, but tourist attraction, even if so ominous and dangerous. It’s good that all sorts of skeptics and lovers to attract attention at any cost to try your luck with a chair is no longer give.

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