Cursed stones

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This phenomenon has become a mystery to scientists. In the Ural taiga unexplained reasons, the earth suddenly smoked. One such sites – the vicinity of the city of Artemovsky, Sverdlovsk region: the trees are uprooted, the grass burned out, the bumps are strewn with ashes. it could have been caused by an underground fire, but foresters say, “Burn there’s nothing here … ” There are no swamps, nor peat bogs, nor even shale in this land. Local residents are sure: specific magma erupted to the surface. Behind a few days the territory within a radius of thirty meters – turned into the completely scorched earth. A few months later, the earth cooled down, leaving anomalies in place – huge boulders and petrified trees. Researchers nicknamed this phenomenon – “birth of stones.” Incredible, but similar cases occur more and more often: in Colombia, India, on Mussels, Ukraine and even in Russia – “forever green” forests are turning into the petrified deserts … Raistrek-Playa Valley Playa) in California. Here the stones seem to have their own mind. Hundreds of runes move along the bottom of a dried lake not obeying the laws of physics. Until now, not one scientist could reveal the “secret of California stones” Not the wind, not the force attraction, non-tectonic activity does not affect their trajectory movement. Scientists of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences came to sensational conclusion: stones can be a special life form. Only in the basis of this completely unexplored matter is not carbon at all, but silicon. – Inorganic life form found in Romania. – Why boulders in the south of the country became a real sensation for scientists all over the world? “The mystery of the damned diamonds has been revealed.” – powder Immortality: How did the ancient Chinese make medicine from diamond dust? – Is it possible to turn a person into stone? – Why only two Could Russian emperors wear a Monomakh hat? – What turns the core of our planet into a solid crystal? – which stone can destroy all life on earth? – Why does the Earth’s core change your density? “Why is our planet turning to stone?” – How looks like a new life form that scientists have not noticed anymore thousands years? “Regent”, “Kohinor”, “Hope” – huge diamonds, with each of which is associated with dramatic, and sometimes tragic stories. Is it true that stolen diamonds bring bad luck new owners? Why you can not sell family jewelry?

Life Stones Russia

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