Damned cedar accused of destruction cars

Damned cedar accused of destroying the carPhoto from open sources

In the English city of Caterham, Surrey County can be found luxurious branchy cedar whose age exceeds a quarter millennia. True, a beautiful tree growing on one of central streets are considered damned. Locals especially older generation, believe that under this cedar is not even worth to pass and even more so stop or talk. it among superstitious citizens is considered a very bad sign, promising misfortunes.

A popular urban legend says that about two hundred years back on these branches a witch was hanged. The executed Englishwoman, they say, in actually was a sorceress, but during her life she did not harm fellow countrymen and even as much as possible helped them. Before death, a woman is like believed to have cursed this place and promised trouble to anyone who will approach her hanging tree. An ominous halo also surrounds plant thanks to a nearby house considered to be inhabited evil spirits. The walls of this building have repeatedly seen ghosts a little girl and a thin man in a Victorian top hat.

New “tricks” of the damned cedar

The other day, residents of Caterham once again remembered the evil the glory of the age-old cedar, when in its immediate vicinity for no reason the car caught fire. To the scene firefighters arrived promptly, but there was already nothing to extinguish: from only the charred skeleton remained. Cause of fire the vehicle has still not been figured out. Old ladies living in nearby houses claim that it’s all the fault damned cedar however make such a version of the official tamers can’t fire, because on paper it will look at least least comical. But the paranormal glory of the tree was even stronger fixed among the townspeople.

Many inhabitants of the area are afraid to photograph the cedar and try bypass it. If you go to the opposite side the roads are not possible, the british pass under spreading branches silently, without raising their eyes, and sometimes not even breathing. One of the local residents claims that once passed under a tree, and someone invisible from above burst with curses. A construction company staff nearby say that periodically see ghostly monks from the windows of their office and nun appearing under the cedar at sunset.

I wonder why the townspeople endure this damned tree, is it really impossible to cut it down and plant something more light, for example, chestnut? Really just because uprooting a healthy centuries-old cedar is difficult to explain in terms of sound meaning? ..

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